beyond the veil

Yoga Poetry Beyond The Veil

it’s there but you don’t know it it’s there but you can’t see it it’s there and you can’t feel it are you blind are you deaf have you no mind   i’m asleep i’m asleep i’m asleep   the veil is so sheer yet it’s like steel like metal like armor holding us apart from you   who chooses to part the veil is it you then why   may i be bold and ask   why is this grace for me why can i see why do i feel so much, so much, so much do they know will you tell them of this world  beyond the veil   will you tell me where we go beyond the veil is there another   and another  and then another take me please take us all clear the way so we might live, love and be in the windowless night of stars shining down of love’s lost moments all around us and in us and then there you are my love my love is there a form shall i see it or is this dance  of light your  exquisite radiant form


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