yoga month challenge #trueyoga

rediscover the true meaning of yoga

Back in 2009, when September was selected to be national yoga month, social media was nothing but a sporadic indulgence and any surveillance of yoga poses was isolated to the teachers and students in the classroom. 

Now on the world stage, where postures are a daily strut for practitioners to show off their most advanced accomplishments, we may want to observe if our intentions and activities are serving the essence of true yoga.

Or have the motives of that sneaky ego been avalanched under the accumulation of likes and views?

As we recognize this month as a way to commemorate and raise awareness for this ideology, maybe it’s time to honor the roots of what yoga was founded on. Its practice is not about being perfect or a comparison to others’ ability. Rather, it’s about connecting with our humanity; our fears, insecurities, flaws, and at the utmost excavating our unique individuality.

No matter how many inverted contortionist tricks some may have, everyone struggles with poses that challenge them. 

Can we as a community, humble ourselves and embrace the depiction of what the truth is? Let’s be real with one another. Let’s show our success right along side with what still alludes us.

This month, tag #trueyoga with your proudest accomplishment, and one that you still struggle with. 

Ten years into practicing, I feel free and strong when I nail this handstand but WHY can’t I lift my leg any higher off the ground in this hands-free version of Utthita Hasta? To this day, I still don’t know! 

What’s your high and low?

Let’s illustrate the strength in vulnerability, and shed a new light on how we can still grow together by sharing what we might want to keep in the shadows. 

Examining and deconstructing our subtle convictions opens us up to receiving more grace and resiliency in our lives. It helps us stay aligned with the core values that we may have accidentally strayed from.

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