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Hmmm… What shall I wear to yoga today? So many factors affect this daily decision — Am I going to Bikram or Kundalini? Chi Gong or Yoga Booty Ballet? Is it 6:30am or 6:30pm? Does the studio have a shower? Is my laundry clean? Clean enough?

If worse comes to worst, and I can’t find something to wear, I can always buy something when I get there. Thankfully, there are tons of new clothing lines offering great designs for all occasions, created specifically for the style “conscious” yogis.

Yoga and Fashion: Are they diametrically opposed or can they live in harmony? If yoga is supposed to be about getting out of our egos, then why does every Los Angeles studio sell designer sweat pants and expensive jewelry made from semi-precious healing stones? Is it okay to be spiritual and look cute too? Absolutely, I say! And I’m happy to share some of my favorite outfits…

My current go-to is the “yogi flood” by hemp clothing company Natural High. They are super comfy and sexy. They’re so low-waisted that I always get nervous that they expose crack (they don’t). Just to make sure though, I wear them with my chakra thong panties from Be Present. Indigo is my favorite, and focuses on the third eye chakra, enabling me to be at one with my unconscious self.

I’m still on the lookout for loose fitting cute shorts that don’t display yoni during standing splits. When purchasing shorts, I highly advise finding a large dressing room with lots of mirrors, and testing the wardrobe in the following poses: warrior three, standing boat/royal dancers pose and half moon. If all is clear with those, you’re good to go… provided you’ve had a recent bikini wax.

Yoga fashion trends rise and fall with the breath (and we should accept them all with equanimity — even tight bikini bottoms which would be better off banned.) There’s so much to choose from — bohemian sheik Thai tie pants to the 80’s health club look (but please, leave the legwarmers at home), white flowing robes and turbans to surf shorts and halter-tops. Personally, I’m into the pajama look (with just a touch of lip gloss). There’s definitely a style out there for every personality, whim and occasion.

One of the best things about yoga is that you can really wear anything you want (or don’t want as the case may be on some Hawaiian retreats). Whether you’re wearing Gucci or the shorts from your high school track meet, it’s really all about being comfortable…with your clothes, with your body, and with your self.

Om Shanti & Infinite gratitude,
Yoga Yenta

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