role of yoga during pregnancy

Role of Yoga during Pregnancy Pregnant Hatha

Despite the fact that yoga is a discipline that has been around for ages, it has come to worldwide prominence only in the last few decades. Yoga is a discipline that is based on healing the human body emotionally as well as physically. It is focused on finding a balance between an individual’s mental, physical and emotional powers to ensure that the body is able to gain most positivity as well as recuperation as a result. There are a number of different yoga poses that are primed to benefit different muscle groups. While the beginners yoga poses are generally rather easy to perform, one should not try doing very advanced yoga poses too soon after starting. The intermediate and advanced hatha yoga poses generally require a lot of agility as well as endurance and can cause a significant amount of pain and damage to the body if not performed correctly.

A complete list of hatha yoga poses will show you that there are a number of poses that can fall into categories based on the effects they have on the mind as well as the body. However, some yoga asanas are considered to be so integral to the entire discipline that they are practiced irrespective of what level an individual has reached. The Pranayama is one such yoga pose and its many benefits include bringing the involuntary functions of the respiratory mechanism under more potent human control. Some of the other benefits include an improvement in an individual’s will power, helps balance an individual’s mindset, helps manage psycho physical diseases as well as helps control a number of modalities of the mind.

Going through a pregnancy is a beautiful experience, but the significant amount of pain and discomfort that the expecting mother experiences throughout the nine month term cannot be understated. Hormonal changes and physical expansion are just a few of the many changes that occur during a pregnancy. Being able to balance the mind and body is an essential part of a successful pregnancy and there are a number of yoga poses that are focused on achieving this. There are a few yoga poses that are known to be even more effective depending on the trimester that you are in. For best results, it is highly recommended that you pair any prenatal yoga classes or routines that you perform with cardiovascular exercise. This not only helps the body achieve a very beneficial balance, but also ensures that your muscles stay limber and toned while also boosting the circulation within the body.

There are a few safe pregnancy exercise rules that should be followed, irrespective of the kind of exercise that you are performing. For one, it is important to make sure that you steer clear of any dangerous sports or anything that could result in injury. Wear clothing that allows your body to expand as they allow for better comfort – thereby reducing any physical stress that your body is likely to have to bear. Drinking plenty of water is essential during the pregnancy as the body will lose a lot of its essential minerals and resources.

When starting hatha yoga during your pregnancy, breathe deeply and perform a number of stretches before you commence every routine. Another important aspect is to make sure that you listen to your body throughout the course of the pregnancy and void pushing your body too far if you have a feeling that it could cause injury. Some of the best overall hatha yoga poses during pregnancy include the pelvic tilt, cobblers pose and the side lying position. Among some of the more highly regarded standing poses are the warriors pose, the tree pose and the downward facing dog.

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