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Best Yoga Certification Programs Online Available mct

Best Yoga Certification Programs Online Available

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Check Out The Best Yoga Certification Programs Online Available. Save Time, We Found Them For You!

You can read about the best online yoga certification programs by clicking on any of the excellent programs listed in the menu below. Just one click and you will find an abundance of training options at your fingertips!

Use this menu below to navigate this article best, to do so, click on your desired section below to scroll directly to it. Enjoy finding the training that suit your needs to enhance your yoga learning at home.

Are Yoga Instructor Courses Online of great value?
Can I obtain a certification With Yoga Instructor Courses Online?
Best Yoga Instructor Courses Online
Hatha and Vinyasa certified courses
Personal attention program: Brett Larkin Yoga Uplifted
Restorative Yoga courses
A comprehensive Restorative Program: Yoga International
Iyengar Yoga Courses
Beginners’ course: Yoga Vastu
Yoga Nidra Courses
Yin Yoga
Pranamaya Yin Yoga: The Functional Approach
Ayurveda Yoga Courses
Donation based: Yoga Veda Institute
Breathwork Courses
A holistic approach: The essence of Breath
Back to basics: Breathwork Basics & One-on-One
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Before the global pandemic, most of us live busy lives and may have thought we did not have extra time. With things shifting worldwide, we realize that we have time and can explore new possibilities and opportunities.

Have you considered becoming a yoga instructor and are curious about all the potential training available? Or you want to enhance your personal practice or teaching? Now is a perfect time! With extra time and an abundance of training programs available on the world wide web, this is the time to consider taking an online course.

Some online training is not a new concept. However, with fast-moving technology and restrictions on in-person activities due to Covid-19, many new opportunities exist, resulting in several teachers and companies adjusting to bring yoga teacher training programs. In this emerging market, the timing could not be better to explore a boost in your yogic journey through an online course.

Read about several online courses below, varying in yoga styles and focus, and decide for yourself what best suits your interests and needs.

The Value of Yoga Certification Programs online

Yoga certification programs online offer several advantages. One of the significant benefits of doing an online program is the flexibility and freedom to experience at your own pace, in your home, or wherever you choose to log on and study. This process also helps create and enhance one’s self-discipline and accountability. With in-person training extremely limited in today’s times due to the global pandemic, we may find that online yoga certification programs are more fulfilling than we ever could have imagined.

Not just in Yoga, but in most studies in the present time, there is a trend moving toward digital learning. Yoga certification programs online is a trend we can expect to stay. Many online trainings are structured in ways to create a similar and vibrant experience as in-person training. This includes student to student and student to teacher interaction, practicum, tests, and exams. In addition to self-growth, online Yoga certification programs involve making sure students are ready to lead yoga classes online and off with confidence. Today there are more online yoga certification programs available than ever before!

Is Certification Available for Yoga Programs online?

It depends. Teachers and studios can set their own requirements and certification exams. Different credentialing will depend on the specific course you take. Yoga Alliance is one of the most popular outfits to provide Yoga certifications. This organization is a private, nonprofit entity that is optional for teachers to join. Yoga teachers are not obligated to join Yoga Alliance, which charges various membership and certification fees. It is also not recognized or governed by any local, state, or federal government. It is purely optional.

Generally speaking, Yoga studios hire instructors for their knowledge, demeanor, professionalism, and capacity to nurture and inspire students. It does not matter whether or not you join Yoga Alliance or obtain a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) status through them in many studios.

We invite you to perform research on Yoga Alliance entities and make your own decisions on whether joining this type of organization aligns with you.

Best Yoga Certification Programs Online

We selected various online Yoga training programs with different yoga styles from online yoga schools. This article provides you with options depending on your specific needs. We put the focus on the “simplest” version of the courses available.

For example, we focused on the 200-Hour Hatha training, but there are many advanced options available. For your convenience and to assist you in making an informed decision, there is a summary table with all the yoga styles, prices, and advanced course offerings at the end of this article.

The following are 11 different styles of online Yoga certification programs we reviewed. So pick your favorites and explore:

• Hatha and Vinyasa
• Ashtanga
• Power yoga
• Restorative
• Iyengar
• Yoga Nidra
• Yin yoga
• Ayurveda
• Kundalini
• Breathwork 

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Hatha and Vinyasa Online Certified Programs

The Sanskrit word “Hatha” means: “Ha” – sun and “Tha” – moon. The body and soul connection are represented by the sun, while the consciousness and mind are symbolized by the moon. Hatha Yoga is viewed as the search for a balance between the solar and lunar forces.

Vinyasa practice is a faster, flowing practice where Breath and movement are synchronized, linking mind, body, and Breath. In this more dynamic practice of Vinyasa, there is no fixed series of asana. In Vinyasa poses, less time is spent than in a Hatha yoga practice, which results in more intense rhythmic and fluid movements.

Personal Attention Program: Brett Larkin Yoga Uplifted

brett larkin smiling Yoga Certification Programs Online

Brett Larkin’s Uplifted™ program is a unique option that includes more than 10 hours of business training. This exciting addition is intended to help students, especially as online yoga teachers. This module of the course covers topics, for example, such as how to market yourself in the online environment and how to negotiate fees with studio owners and other potential clients.

In this program, you also get to take modules on fascia modules with Tom Myers – (one of the world’s most knowledgeable and respected experts on human soft tissue). This is far beyond the typical anatomy taught in the majority of yoga teacher training.

Even more exciting, when you take the online course Uplifted™, you join a Yoga community consisting of a global network of former graduates and teachers fostering a deeper connection with like-minded people. They also offer a “Bridge” program available to anyone who already completed a 200-Hour training with another yoga school that desires additional education.

This Yoga certification program includes:

• Format: videos (self-paced)
• Duration: 200 Hours (300 and 500 available). 8-10 hours a week, 18-months to graduate.
• Audio lessons
• PDFs
• video calls (live) each week (4 hours)
• Bridge program is $,1450 (full) or $287/mo in 4 installments.
• Uplifted™ is $2,850 (full) or $364/mo in 7 installments.
• Yoga style: Vinyasa/ Hatha
• 200 Hour Yoga Certification Accredited
• Web:

Personalized & engaged Community: Zazyoga

Marylene henry yoga teacher in a pose YTT Yoga certification programs online IYAT RTT 200 300 500 hours Vinyasa Flow certification

This is an online certification program with a personalized touch offered by (200h Mindful Movement Yoga Teacher Training). From daily feedback to coaching sessions one-on-one by the teachers, this training provides a deep understanding of Yoga both as a lifestyle and a practice.

The Zazyoga online training program offers a yoga toolbox bringing balance and wellness to students. The training is a combination of the active and flowing Vinyasa style and the more gentle practices of Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra. 

The Zazyoga program is based on these main tenants: Teaching Mastery, Functional Alignment, and Mindfulness.

This training includes an in-depth look at anatomy. It includes lessons on the biomechanics of asanas with their effect and application on the mind and the body. It also offers insight on adapting various techniques to make Yoga accessible to everyone taking into account their age, injuries, overall fitness level, etc.

Mindfulness is incorporated into every teaching in the program. The instructions of yoga philosophy and mindful practices enable students to understand and observe the mind’s function, the release of repetitive thought patterns, and the ability to transform lives on and off the mat. 

This extensive teaching methodology provides Zazyoga students with the knowledge and experience to confidently shine their own genuine voice and deliver inspiring and creative classes.  

This Yoga Certification Program online includes:

• Format: self-paced with videos, downloadable worksheets, manuals, daily personal practice feedback, one-on-one coaching calls with teachers, and live weekly community calls. 
• Yoga style: Vinyasa / Restorative / Yoga Nidra
• Duration: Full-time in 30 days or part-time according to your schedule – (200 Hours)
• Lifetime access to the course material
• Price: COVID price $1,397 (from $2,800), or monthly payment of $141.
• Yoga teachers’ Bridge program for : $797 (discounted from $1,997) installments available.
• Certification: Yoga Alliance 
• IG: @zazyoga 
• Web:

Accessible and personalized – My Vinyasa Practice

five people practicing yoga mountain pose  facing camera  best Yoga certification programs online YTT Alliance certified

The My Vinyasa Practice online program essentially mirrors a 200-hour in-person YTT. In doing so, it provides students with both an in-depth well of learning and personalized interaction. Teachers who obtain certification will be well equipped to teach classes in various settings such as studios, clinics, corporate environments, or private lessons.

Yoga, Ayurveda’s history and philosophy, including exploring Tantra Yoga, anatomy and physiology, sequencing, studying the chakras, dharma, and karma, plus the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, are all covered in this course.

Included in this Yoga Certification Program online:

• Format: videos (self-paced),
• Podcasts
• Live stream (membership for 30 days)
• Duration: 200 Hours (300 and 500 also available). Lifetime access.
• Price: In full: $375 (50% off, original price $750).
• Installments: 15 payments of $50/mo or 10 of $75/mo.
• Yoga style: Vinyasa
• Certification: Yoga Alliance International Accredited
• IG: @my_vinyasa_practice
• Web:

Perfect for beginners – Yoga Renew