5 ways to streamline your yoga studio's social media efforts

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Chances are that if you run a yoga studio, you are all on your own! By which I mean, you run a one man/woman show – managing the studio, scheduling classes, taking classes, doing some free marketing on social media etc. etc.

While social media can be a great way to reach out to your community and other like minded people, it can also get pretty overwhelming, and more often than not, small businesses tend to give up on social media because they feel that they are not getting the results they had hoped for.

Here’s the thing – the “social” aspect of social media can only be successful if you stick to a well defined plan. It’s not as simple as jumping on to your personal Facebook profile at any time of the day to update your status, it’s WAAAAY more than that! Social media is about streamlining your efforts and making sure that you are sharing things your community and target audience love to engage with.

So, just how do you go about making (and sticking to) a “well- defined” plan? Here are 5 simple tips you can follow to make your social media marketing efforts much easier.

1. Don’t try to be a “jack of all trades” right at the beginning.

If you’re just starting out, don’t randomly sign up for all possible social networks that are out there and start expecting results to pour in. It won’t work, plus you’ll have a hard time managing so many accounts. Remember, you have a business to run!

Try to narrow down things to two networks to start with, and once you’ve built a decent fan base on those, move on to others as time goes by. For a yoga studio, I would suggest the best places to start would be with Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. You can also explore YouTube and Vimeo if you produce your own videos. Check out Yoga with Adriene as an example.

2. Share useful information, not just discounts and special offers.

Now that you’ve decided which social networks you want to be on, the next thing to do is to start sharing. But here is an important thing to keep in mind before you start sharing away – people want to connect with businesses on social for very specific reasons.

For a yoga studio, in particular, they might be looking for inspirational articles related to yoga, how yoga can benefit their mind and bodies, simple explanations of the various poses etc. and not just updates and announcements about discounts and special offers.

Yes, you can throw in the occasional special offer but your main goal should be to share helpful information with your community. If you already run a blog along with your studio’s website, perfect – share useful info from your blog with your followers. Even if you don’t and yet have a social media presence it doesn’t matter – there are plenty of helpful resources online you can share info from.

3. Use an automation tool to schedule your posts in advance.

Social media can become overwhelming if you let it take over your life. Which is why automation tools are simply a MUST. There is no way someone can single-handedly update in real time. Automation tools can make social scheduling a breeze so that you can give your undivided attention to other important tasks pertaining to your business.

There are plenty of tools available for social media automation and most of them offer a free basic version (ideal for small businesses). Here are some examples – HootSuite, Buffer and eClincher.

4. Set up a schedule for social media management.

This one is a direct derivative of my third point. As mentioned before, social media can seem like this invincible, time consuming task taking up a lot of your precious time and returning no results.

However, if you use an automation tool and keep aside a few hours of your work week on a given day to schedule your posts it can actually be tamed quite easily.

– You choose one day in your work week to cater to all your social media needs – scheduling, responding, commenting etc.

– Decide how many posts you want to share per day (3 is a good number for Facebook, could be higher depending on what seems to work for you).

– Then go ahead and fill up your tool with all your posts for the week. 

And voila! You’re done. You wouldn’t have to panic that your followers are waiting to hear from you while you haven’t had the time to share anything with them.

5. Check your social insights/analytics to get the best results from your posting schedule.

All major social networks have an analytics feature to help you gain insight into your followers – what types of content they like to read and share, when they are most active on social media, their demographics and so on. If your studio is already on Facebook and Pinterest, you might have checked out your Insights and Analytics.

It might take some time to get this right, but once you have been posting on social consistently for a while, you will definitely have some data to monitor and use as a guideline to maximize your results.

For example, if your analytics tells you that most of your followers are online during the 3-5 pm slot, you can schedule your updates during that time frame to make sure that more people get to see them. And if it tells you that an image post or a video was liked and shared by more people than a text post, you can choose to share more images/videos in the future for more engagement.

Streamlining your efforts on social media is not a very difficult job. It just takes some understanding and a little management to bring it under control. These 5 tips should definitely help you get started and organized. 

What did you think of these tips? Have you used any other ideas to streamline your social efforts? Let me know in the comments below.



About the author: Priyanka Biswas is the Founder and Owner of Social Media with Priyanka – a website which primarily focuses on educating small businesses and marketers about social media and content marketing. She is also one of the Social Media Marketers for Yogi Times. Follow her on Twitter @socialmediawpb.

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