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Pandora Media, formerly Savage Beast Technologies and creator of the Music Genome Project, has introduced a new way to find music you’re guaranteed to love. It’s called Pandora, an Internet music service where you type in the name of your favorite artist, or a song that makes your heart skip a beat, and it searches to create a list of similar artists and songs called “stations” for you to sit back and enjoy.

With each song added to the list, a window pops up explaining why this recording was chosen and you have the opportunity to give it a thumbs-up or thumbs-down which helps refine its search. The database consists of almost a century of recordings, from today’s latest hits to ones only a few people even know exist. This site might prove to be a well of new music for yoga teachers who like to play DJ in their classes. Log on and see if Pandora is as “all gifted” as it claims it is.

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