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Boosting Fertility

Boosting Fertility

Published: 04-02-2013 - Last Edited: 12-08-2021

Boosting Fertility

Conceiving a baby is a joyous occasion but sometimes it can be difficult to achieve. There are 6 million women in America each year who have trouble conceiving. Couples can struggle for weeks to months trying to have a baby and after a long period without success couples may start looking for alternate methods for conception. There are lifestyle changes on one end and costly procedures that can end up being tens of thousands of dollars on the other. Before couples begin to seriously consider the idea of going under the knife they should make sure that they have done everything they can to conceive the baby naturally. One of these ways that has been proven to increase chances of fertility is yoga. The exercise that has been popular for centuries as a meditative technique can also be used to increase fertility in women.

After weeks or months of attempting to get pregnant women may become frustrated and stressed. Sex has now become a chore and is less pleasurable than when the couple first started. This stress can cause hormonal imbalances in the body. It releases epinephrine and cortisol into the blood stream, which lowers the sex hormones. Yoga, with its breathing techniques and focus on the inner being has proven to be successful reducing stress, fear, and anger, in the participants. This will help you get a better night’s rest afterward keeping you healthy.

Certain yoga poses, too, are more beneficial to those women trying to get pregnant because they will redirect the blood flow better than others. For women, increased blood flow to the pelvis. Poses like the pigeon pose, the lotus pose, and child’s pose are all examples of poses that increase the blood flow below the waist. This will break up blockages and increase the energy in the hips, glutes, and thighs. Also, with increased blood flow and energy, this area of the body will receive more healthy oxygen rejuvenating the area as well as depositing more nutrients for the reproductive organs.
This is on top of the other general health benefits one receives after several sessions of yoga. Better cardiovascular health is one of the first benefits one will notice with easier breathing and more energy throughout the day. The immune system also gets a boost from yoga because as the body experiences less stress it has more time to build up its defenses. Even the nervous system can benefit from the stress reduction.

These reasons can also benefit the men in conception, too, for many of the same reasons. Testosterone levels, that help sperm production, are also affected by stress. But when it comes to the positions, men can benefit from a different set to increase their fertility. The cobra pose, downward facing dog, and warrior poses 1 and 2, are meant to increase circulation the abs and groin removing toxins.The important thing to consider when trying to conceive is that stress is a silent killer of testosterone and ovulation. It releases the chemical cortisol and the stems production of those chemicals necessary in baby making. Yoga is an excellent source of exercise to reduce stress and cortisol resulting in healthy bodies more able to conceive a child.


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