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shakti business

by Delamay Devi delamay devi
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an offering of sacred women's business
Australian Aboriginal woman use the term "Women's Business" when a group of women in the tribe gather together to share wisdom, create community, laugh and even bleed together. This may seem a little odd to some but back in the day it was just as normal as updating your facebook profile.

My intention for writing this is not to shock or offend you, it is mearly to invite all women into a world were we are using today's technology with old age wisdom to create a supportive online community dedicated to the goddesses all over the world.

Imagine if there was a website you could log on to and meet amazing women from all over the world from all walks of life and learn from their wisdom and experience. We are aiming to cultivate a sense of family and tribe where you can receive and offer loving support during life’s challenging moments. There is the opportunity to network with women from a wide range of professional fields and experience. Attend regular online gatherings for e-programs and spiritual journeys so you don’t have to go it alone. You have the option of participating in discussion forums on topics that you’re passionate about, such as manifesting your dreams, spirituality, creativity, relationships, motherhood, daughterhood, yoga, can even propose topics for new forums. Throughout the year you can enjoy a variety of Shakti-fied programs to keep your Shakti flowing with guided meditations, creative movement, energizing and restoring yoga classes. Receive simple householder ideas from nutrition to beauty tips. Market your goods services--let people know who you are and what you do and when! Share your articles, photos, videos on the community blog and so much more!

So we are creating the platform for your story to be told, in this world where social media plays such a huge part in everyone's life we are inviting you into a nourishing place online for some Sacred Womens' Business.



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