why i regularly practice yoga

why regular consistent practice yoga benefits

When I first started yoga, I must say that it was more for weight loss than anything else. I had a sedentary job and was spending a disproportionate amount of hours sitting on a chair at a desk that didn’t feel like my own. I came to notice a perpetual feeling of being bloated and heavy. I was losing my appetite but always seemed to be munching on something horrible while packing the pounds in the wee hours of the night. Finally, when a friend suggested that perhaps yoga could be the answer to my problems, I joined a morning yoga class just before I would head to work.

The first few months were more of a tussle and I had to convince and push myself every morning to not lose hope and continue my tryst. Within less than six months, I really started to witness a transformation.

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Compliments became a daily occurrence, suggesting my skin was glowing and that I was looking brighter and more relaxed. Also, that recurring sense of heaviness was gradually fading into the background. I could feel a strange lightness and actually started looking forward to my yoga classes. For that one hour of the day, I was happy. Quite strangely as I delved deeper into the depths of my Surya Namaskar, most of my stress and worry became a matter of the past. I could feel a sense of calm and serenity overcome my spirit.

Knowing a new me

It wasn’t long after that I could feel myself all toned and gradually the bloating began to recede.

I also started to build an insatiable appetite. I was sleeping better and felt energized every morning. It was as if I’d developed a fresh new purpose in my life. Needless to mention, it also helped my work. I could concentrate better, I became productive, handled pressure a lot more efficiently and surprising, even my relationships with my colleagues, family and friends improved. I was not grumpy, hardly complained and it felt like I had Atlas’ stamina within me.

 The transformation I didn’t know was possible

With intention, conviction and dedication, introducing yoga into my life have allowed me to achieve a union with body and mind. After experiencing absolute calm and serenity, going strong for five years of practicing it daily, I can confidently claim that my regular yoga routine has helped…

• Improve my immune system

• Enhanced my breathing

• Developed more stamina

• Removed toxins

• Become more flexible

• Reduced hypertension

• Indigestion disappeared

• Improved appetite

• Overcame insomnia

• Became happier and calm

• Developed patience

• Elevated concentration

• Work more efficiently

• And yes – I shed some serious weight!

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To Depart

My experience has been nothing short of illuminating. I knew I needed a change in my life, and a visit to the doctor just wasn’t the answer anymore. Seeing the huge shift, or rather transformation has truly shown me that you don’t have to be a die-hard yogi to see improvement, but it’s the act of yoga that can change your life. Somehow I knew that yoga would be the best introduction to the path of well-being and longevity and I hope it will be for you as well.

So while all the compliments about weight loss and having a great figure at 40, sure makes me feel good, I am happier that I feel happy within. Thanks to Yoga school in Goa, I am content with myself and, now I am not scared about handling any crisis. I know my inner calm, and the mental balance will help me easily overcome it.

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