what is aromatherapy

an introduction to the world of essential oils

Welcome to Aromatherapy 101; a bi-weekly series of articles exclusive to YOGI TIMES which will introduce you to the magical world of essential oils and their many beautiful uses!”¨”¨ By definition, the term ‘Essential Oil’ does not simply describe something that smells like flowers or herbs. Essential Oils are a potent and chemically complex liquid.  They are the vital fluid of an aromatic plant; its life’s blood. When you pull a leaf from a tree and run your fingernail across it you will see these ‘juices’ or vital fluids released from the veins inside the leaf. When we create essential oils, we focus on extracting this pure essence and bottling its powerful botanical properties for therapeutic purposes. Essential Oils can be extracted from many different parts of a plant; mainly its leaves, peels, barks, flowers, buds, and seeds. The vital fluids that run through these parts of the plant are its life force, that which gives it luster, intelligence, and vibrational energy. The liquid extraction is composed of many minute particles. The particles are unique in that they are small enough to easily penetrate cells in the human body, easily crossing the blood/brain barrier and thus being able to easily access and support our health systems at the most basic level. The protective properties that were originally used as a natural defense mechanism in the plant, will biologically work the same magic for us and therefore the medicinal benefit of using essential oils is astronomical.”¨”¨ The healing intelligence of these aromatic plant essences should not be underestimated; there are over 300 essential oils in use by practitioners today and on average each oil contains over 100 medicinal components. The unique, lipid-soluble structure of essential oils is very similar to our own cell membranes. A single drop of essential oil possesses 40 trillion molecules which are capable of penetrating the human membrane (either through a topical application on the skin or via inhalation) and positively affecting our bodies on a cellular level. ”¨”¨It’s for good reason, then, that essential oils were the original source of R & R (rest and recuperation) and have been in use throughout the ages; dating as far back as 4500 BC. From perfumes and aromatherapy to cooking and medicinal purposes, essential oils have been used in our everyday lives for centuries. Most recently, interest in essential oils has revived massively with the explosion of the Natural Living movement and with the popularity of Aromatherapy. Aside from this, people are making a more concerted effort these days to live ‘mindfully’ and ‘consciously’; meaning they are paying closer attention to all aspects of their lives, from what they are supporting with their dollars to the labeled ingredients on their bottle of shampoo. This conscientiousness, in turn, influences all other aspects of their health. ”¨”¨The kicker is this: just like every other substance with therapeutic or healing effects, the quality varies and, of course, essential oils are no exception. Many oils, touted as ‘Essential Oils’, have been produced using harsh chemicals, diluted, or copied and produced in a lab. Oils such as these have not been produced in a way that guarantees the therapeutic constituents which can truly influence and support our bodies. This is what makes it so important to take the greatest care when selecting quality essential oils and ensuring that from SEED TO SEAL the plant’s precious fluids have been left as unadulterated as possible. Make sure that all essential oils you use are sourced only from pesticide, GMO, and hazardous chemical free crops. This is most important when selecting an essential oil for purchase; otherwise, the harmful chemical compounds will end up in the final product and make their way into your bloodstream via an application. These are NOT the kinds of oils you want for you or your family. ”¨”¨No matter what you intend to achieve in your life; be it vibrancy, beauty or immunity from diseases, there is an essential oil that perfectly suits your individual needs and desires.”¨”¨ We do hope you found this article useful! Stay tuned for the next installation of Aromatherapy 101 where we will discuss the “Swiss Army Knife” of essential oils… lovely Lavender.”¨”¨”¨ Take a look at a few selection of essential oils 100% natural and organically grown such as Frankincense and Lavender essential oils from Bali Botanic and start your own essential oil journey today.

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