10 do's and don'ts of detox

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 1. Listen to your body – first and foremost. 

Remember, your body never ever lies. It knows what you need – at all times. It’s just a matter of tuning into your body, asking it what it needs, listening to it, and acting on its information. For instance, you may ask “won’t I be starving?” Well, stay connected to your body, and it will tell you. At first you may be unfamiliar with its communications, and rely just on your intellectual information, rather than your body’s intelligence. Keep practicing by “putting your brain in your belly” (or whatever part of your body. Listen to your body like you do music. Trust it. Follow its direction without hesitation. Repeat.

2. Stay well hydrated – and only consume organic.

The importance of “wetting” within cannot be overemphasized. This means being sure to consume enough liquids so that you flush out backed up bile and stored toxicity. How much is enough?  At least 1-2 liters of water (with lemon – it acts as an astringent to clean up the blood), and 3-5+ liters of juice – this will greatly help the old dehydrated stuff to start loosening up and become wet enough to come out. What kind of juice? Preferably green and only 1 liter of it fruit – and if you have candida or parasite issues (or suspect you might), then no fruit except for green apples, lemons/limes, and fresh noni. Why organic? Your body’s ability to absorb what you put in it will increase while cleansing. Do you want to increase the amount of pesticides and chemicals you put in your body? Eat organic to get the most out of what you consume and avoid unnecessary pollutants you’re working hard to get rid of.

3. Take space for yourself.

Put yourself first and create space and time that’s just for you – free of demands, other people’s needs, or distractions. Get in touch with what your needs are and communicate them to your loved ones, and ask for their support. Allow time for your circulation practices, extra rest (remember, your body repairs in sleep – and you may need more of it – especially in the first 3 days), journal writing, meditation, etc.

4. Focus on circulation practices.

This means increasing the amount of oxygen pumping into your system. Old backed up bile and toxicity create a thickened layer of dried mucous that lines tissue and prevents absorption of oxygen and nutrients. Circulation practices act as a broom and mop to ensure that the old stuff moves out, instead of restores. Enemas are an absolute must, the other practices are SUPER helpful and highly recommended:

1. enemas, daily .

2. colonics, at least once per week, and in severe cases of constipation 3-5 times per week.

3. sauna/steam, at least once per week, daily to every other day is highly suggested

4. massage, at least once per week – or more as possible.

5. breath deeply, and consider doing breath exercises (otherwise known as pranayama).

6. dry skin brushing, with a natural bristle brush, daily for a few minute before showering.

7. hot Epsom salt baths, daily or at least a few times weekly (soak in water as hot as possible for at least 30 minutes).

8. netti pot, when you have excess mucous pouring from your nose, use this little pot to help eliminate what may feel like it will drain forever.

9. light exercise, yoga, tai chi, dancing, etc., are excellent – just be sure to listen to your body and don’t overdo it.

10. meditation, turn within to stabilize your mind and tune into another part of yourself that is calm, still, and free of stress (see Vipassana.org).

11. healing sessions, need support with your process?  Consider augmenting your process with the help of other therapies such as chiropractic, Reiki, counseling, etc. Be sure to get support with emotional issues that can arise while cleansing.

 5. Avoid toxic people, places, & things.

Protect your process and inner sanctity. Take a break – and eliminate – stressful situations that deplete your reserves, and steal energy from your body’s ability to heal. Keep in mind that we are very sensitive while detoxing – negative people, loud music, bars, aggression, overworking, etc., are tough enough when we are eating, while cleansing, the body needs our full (calm) attention.


 1. Consume pasteurized juice.

This means bottled juices that have been cooked – they are about 80% less nutritious”¦ and not only that, your body will have to deal with whatever preservatives that may be added as well.  Pasterized juice is counter-productive since your body needs living nutrition to help with its cleansing efforts.

2. Consume alcohol, drugs, or smoke.

Remember, your absorbency greatly increases while fasting – consuming toxins defeats the purpose of why you’re cleansing in the first place.

3.  Miss your circulation practices.

This means to be sure and don’t miss your colonics, enemas, sauna, etc. Without proper elimination, toxicity from waste (in the form of poop – not sweating, lack of deep breathing and exercise, etc.) recycles toxins back into the blood stream and re-poisons you. With all your efforts to clean your body, be thorough, otherwise it can be dangerous.

4.  Overwork or otherwise distract yourself.

It’s easy to keep going with some of our distractive habits when food is eliminated as one of them.  Become aware of how you spend your time that takes you away from self-care.  Consider asking yourself: am I avoiding what I feel?  Also, avoid excessive TV, reading newspapers, electronic gadgets, etc., that may contribute to negativity, feelings of despair, and avoiding introspection.

5. Fall asleep on the couch watching TV at night.

If you’re in the evening habit of watching TV till you fall asleep on the couch at night, take this opportunity to fast from it. Allow your body the chance to regenerate because you’re sleeping soundly in your bed at night – this allows for REM sleep, which we need to regenerate, heal, and regain energy.

To follow Dr. Amy’s detailed cleanse protocol, and for more suggestions and helpful hints, please see Amyrachelle.com and download her free eBook.

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