"to see, or not to see, that is the question"

the spiritual plan deconstructed

I would surmise to say that most of you reading this piece have had quite a bumpy ride-of-a-life to date. Many of us who are awakening to spiritual Truth chose before incarnating to have earlier life experiences that moved us far from center. Men and women often say, “I’m a miracle to be here today,” or “What I went through would make you cry.” Why do we have the “dark night of the soul” written into our pre-birth plan? How many of us awaken after entering this film noir? I suppose it depends upon whether a soul is ready to see… or not to see.

In my work, I wear many hats: Healer, channel, and spiritual guide. A ten year tenure in clinical social work lends itself to how I assist others. Souls ask me, “Did I ask for this?” “What was I thinking?” “Why did it become this difficult?” Each response is different. I “go in,” or channel whether they pre-birth planned these challenging events to occur or whether post-incarnation free will choices led them to their dark story of stories.

If one is unfamiliar with pre-birth planning, let me take a moment to describe this blessed process. Back at “Home,” we meet with members of our soul group — like-minded ones we travel with for soul growth opportunities. Spirit guides, Masters, angels, and a myriad of others also participate in this very important planning session. We make specific decisions about our gender, physical appearance, health, who our parents will be, whether we will have a career, and more. We almost always decide on at least one challenge to face in order to expand ourselves on a spiritual level. Most of what is not then planned before birth is left open to creating a post-incarnation reality based on free will choice. Karma, vows, contracts, and negative energies all affect decision making and outcomes.

Some choose to experience a disability. Others choose to become an addict. Still, others may choose incarceration. The list of “horrors” is endless. At birth, we are touched over the head with the Veil of Forgetfulness, or the Veil of Unknowing. Most souls are unable to remember their plan — what they hope to learn through the challenge(s) they put down before them when they were on “the other side.”

We each have at least two spirit guides with whom we agree to work from our inception to our passing. These are souls who we know from other lifetimes. They assist us from Home while we remain here in “Earth School.” Guides can change out and others can join the cast. Spirit guides are with us 24/7 and chat with out higher selves, advising us what is for our highest good.

Now, when we come to the point in our life — the moment on our timeline that is sad, horrifying, life-threatening, awkward — it is here we have great opportunity to grow as a spiritual being. Fear is often all-encompassing and rears itself in many ways at this time. Do we isolate? Become depressed? Drink too much? Lash out with words and/or fists? The movie you have created is now at a critical point. This is the fork in the road one comes to in the forest when all friends are lost, the last morsels of food are eaten, and the compass has fallen in the river.

“I lift up my eyes to the hills. From whence does my help come?” You are your own savior, directing this seemingly depraved and nasty drama (if I might pull the Veil down a bit further). You get to choose fear or Love. The choice of remaining fearful does not afford you the opportunity to learn from the challenge(s) before you. You may choose to remain exactly where you are. If you do, no judgment or punishment will come to you when you return Home. The seemingly bad events, which I believe are Divine opportunities become missed if fear prevails.

Love, on the other hand, begets movement out of a hole. Love is the opposite of fear. It shows its face as hope, faith, determination, fortitude, balance, creativity, and all feelings that enable one to See. You have the beautiful and blessed option, always, to choose Love. Whether you are ailing or thriving, Love is always available to you. It has never been apart from you. You might have forgotten it was there. I suggest Love because it not only feels good, but the dark night becomes dawn with every hopeful breath.

When attempting to practice forgiveness, acceptance, gratitude, and remaining in the present moment, the Now, I strongly urge to incorporate these concepts into your repertoire. When any Love vibration of a concept is utilized, miracles can happen. Shifts are made. One may experience joy, bliss — the Rapture…

“Darkness before the dawn,” it has been said. Yes. Oftentimes, this is so in Earth School. What a Heavenly place where one may learn powerful life lessons with trusted soul group members!

“To see, or not to see?” I believe you get to decide this for the adventure is yours in the making. 

Enjoy the ride.



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