water magic: mineral purifier-detox bath

let the sea essence minerals sink into your pores.

The further we delve into a conscientious living, we can work and improve upon our healthy living habits.

An easy practice towards health is breath. Breath comes from your commitment to being alive! This is our life force. It is the energy that permeates our physical bodies and allows us to live. In times of illness or stress, you may notice you are not really breathing deeply but more shallow and distressed.

Breath is extremely important to our health and yoga as well as Tai Chi, are suggested to promote longevity, as they connect people consciously to their breath. Regular practice leads automatically to awareness, discipline and commitment, and therefore health.

Let us also make a commitment to our health and wellbeing with every food and beverage item to pass our lips. (But don’t forget to also treat yourself!).

After some pleasurable, indulgent moments we could feel the need for detox, in the mind as well as on the surface, on our skin! So let’s take these three elements; breathe, an approach to a healthy inner being and our mineral detox for the perfect solution!

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Mineral Purifier-Detox Bath

Purpose: this recipe is specifically designed to detoxify us of impurities. Seaweed is rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc, which are all super-cleansers of toxins. Seaweed also has antibiotic properties, which therefore lends well to feeling a little under-the-weather.

– 1/2 bag of freeze-dried seaweed
– 10 drops of your favorite essential oil

Mix the seaweed with water until it forms a paste and let it dissolves into the bath. We recommend practicing the breathing techniques below while enjoying the sea essence minerals sinking into your pores.

Optional : You can also use some of the paste as a rejuvenating facemask.

How to: the ocean is a great source of life, and we suggest focusing on invigoration and liveliness while bathing. Think about the power that is held within the sea, from the creatures to the currents. Life is both created and dies in those moving waters, they are abundant with the minerals necessary to revitalize life.

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This is the life force of our oceans. Let it caress your nerves as you imagine the waves of a sandy shore wash over you during your soak.

|Imagine your body stretched out, the sunshine warming your face, your heart stimulated by the essence of the cool sea breeze. You are floating in freedom with every cell of your being experiencing rejuvenation.

Once you feel ready to leave your bathtub, unplug your bath and watch the water run down the drain. These are your imbalances and impurities being flushed away into the sea, where they will be transformed back into minerals.