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There are still those moments where we find ourselves repeating old hibernation patterns. While we replay winter habits, we may be subconsciously spinning other wheels too. For most of us in the northern hemisphere, stepping outside fills our senses with a tingling warmth. Well, most of the time.

Let’s get out of our ruts, be it in love, money, career or, most importantly: health.

If you feel yourself becoming aware of repeating mistakes, you are already halfway there. It’s time to make use of those senses!

Ingredients: 20 drops Chestnut Bud Bach Flower Remedy

Purpose: Stop spinning your wheels and get out of your rut.

How to:  This bath helps to release blocked energy patterns in your body and psyche that are causing you to do things to escape from yourself, rather than facing the problems in your life and changing them.

While relaxing in the Chestnut Bud bath, think about a specific recurring negative pattern in your life that is preventing you from achieving happiness and fulfillment. Then imagine that you have the vision and wisdom to transform this situation into one based on truth and clarity. Invoke your inner vision so you can clearly see the hook that snares you into this pattern. Then, magically make the hook disappear into the air, never to come back.

If you are working on a specific problem, try this bath once or twice a week until you see a breakthrough in your personal life.

Mary Muryn – Water Magic

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