true warriors do yoga

True warriors do yoga. This statement is what I think when I practice virabhadrasana 1. Knowing we are a whole, together in this universe, the best we can do is thrive to become better individuals, so our energy waves will surf through the entire world, allowing more people to be inspired. Emotions, thoughts, and actions, are what occupy us in our everyday lives. When we find a moment of stillness, when we work hard to balance our emotions, when we focus our thoughts on positive actions, we are doing yoga. The more I live, the more I know. Nature has all the teachings we truly want to learn. When we go to nature, when we observe our true nature, when we reach inner silence, there is only one conclusion to be made: we are one with this entire universe. We are infinite in existence, knowledge, and bliss. May all yogis find peace within themselves. May all humans search for a moment of silence in this life of endless riots in one’s mind. May children remain naive yet aware of their internal happiness. May schools teach what one really wants and needs to know: contentment, non-attachment, purity, and compassion. The only knowledge that counts is the knowledge of the self, of our true nature. Bliss and peace happen when we forget everything we think we know and just become present with creation, with our soul, and with our endless source of never ending happiness. Peace and Namaste.
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