the zombie phenomenon


Wake up

We exist in a constant state of perception, whether it is our own or someone else’s. It is something each and every one of us struggles with in one form or another – it is part of the human condition. We are relational creatures craving contact, connection, love and fulfillment. As relational creatures, we, by default believe what our emotions tell us and very quickly, we, without even knowing it, become prey to the perception of the world.

More often than not we fill our schedules with meetings, social events and the latest fitness classes as a means to create a false sense of accomplishment and importance. Furthermore, we rush from one checklist to another as a means to avoid our emotions because we have created so much organized chaos in our lives by believing we are “connected” where in fact we have lost connection with our true selves.

Which brings us to the every popular zombie phenomenon. I believe zombies captivate the masses because on a conscious or unconscious level we relate to them. On the surface, we are all numb, restless, deeply exhausted, slaves to email, smart phones and the all-mighty dollar and we are tried of it. Dig a litter deeper and we’ll discover anger, rage and pain. We want to mindlessly act out because we’ve become victims to this perception that is slowly killing us. Yes, we already are a bunch of zombies.

The main difference between us and zombies though is the fact that we still have intellect, where as zombies do not. We have choices and we can do something differently. Absolutely, we can all start to chip away at that perception we live in and start to see the world through our own eyes, breathe our own air and let the pressure of the world go. 

Starting small we can create change in the world, by just taking some time to be silent and to breathe. We can wake up. We can feel. • Find a quiet place in your house, backyard, or within nature – basically anywhere you can be silent and still. • Get comfortable. Cross your legs and create length in your spine or lie down, stretching out long. Close your eyes. • Bring one hand to rest on your heart, and the other to your belly. Feel the physical movement of your own natural breath and your heart beat. • Sip up as much air as you can. Hold it in. Let it all go through your mouth. Let it be loud. Repeat, as many times as you like. • Feel yourself relax. • Find a comfortable rhythm in your breath inhaling and exhaling through your nose. Spend some silent time with yourself. • Emotions may bubble up. Let them. You might fall asleep and that is okay too.

Taking time out of your day just to breathe can help spark the change and you may even catch a glimpse of the world as it truly is. Maybe you take it a step further and develop a practice of meditation or yoga on a regular basis not because you want to look important and busy, but because you want to live and thrive as a mindfully aware human being, not a numb, angry zombie.


Anndrea is a professional counselor, wellness specialist and yoga teacher. You can find her at If you are looking for a way to start or deepen your daily meditation – take a look at this program by MindValley: and the Mindfulness Based Stressed Reduction online course by Sounds True: – The YOGI TIMES team

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