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vegan vietnamese pho

By: Adam Guthrie
Edited date: October 17, 2022Estimated reading time: 1 minutes

Meanwhile, pour boiling water over the rice noodles in a separate bowl and allow to soak for 8 minutes. Chop 250gm tofu into 1 cm cubes. Slice 10 button mushrooms. Slice 1 carrot finely on a diagonal. Thinly slice 5 radishes. Slice ½ red onion into half moons. Slice 5 shallot stems diagonally. Slice 1 red chili. 

When the stock is boiling, add tofu, mushrooms, carrot, ½ of the shallots, radishes, soy sauce, hoy sin sauce, 1 Tbsp raw sugar and bring to the boil again.

To assemble dish, place some drained noodles into a bowl and ladle over some vegetable broth. Then add coriander, mint, viet mint, chilli, shallots and red onion. Finish with a squeeze of fresh lime.

Recipe by ifeelgood.com.au

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