5 valuable lessons i have learned as a certified aromatherapist

As an aromatherapist, I have seen a lot of clients. I enjoy what I do because I am able to help others in a way that is unique and special to me.

Here are some lessons I have learned over the years.

Lesson 1: Therapy is available everywhere.

I find that many people’s perception of therapy is limited to psychotherapy and physical therapy. I have been extremely fortunate to have found therapy in many sights, sounds, and experiences outside of those two realms of therapy, and I am excited to share that therapy, in its most fundamental state, is everywhere. You can reap the therapeutic powers of music, a baby’s touch, a dog’s lick, the taste of water, dripping sweat, or the smell of roses.

Anything can be therapeutic if we just open our minds to it.

Lesson 2: Stay curious.

We say a lot of things, and many of our thoughts are in conflict with each other. Don’t believe everything you hear, whether it be your own thoughts or the thoughts of others. Instead, stay curious. Learn as much as you can about the idea. Educate yourself and understand the science behind everything.

Lesson 3: Even something natural can be dangerous.

Many times people think that any product labeled as natural or organic must be safe, but these labels are often misguiding. They certainly ensure that certain protocols for safety are followed in the production of the product, but it is up to you to limit the quantity of usage, especially in the case of essential oils, to maintain safety in prolonged use.

Lesson 4: Quality Matters.

The quality of essential oils you purchase creates a huge difference in the therapeutic value of the product. Often fake or diluted essential oils prevent you from inhaling the aroma you purchase.

Lesson 5: The Importance of Regulation.

This is probably the most frustrating lesson I’ve learned in my work as an aromatherapist. It can be difficult to find products that are legitimately pure, clean and natural, but it is important to ensure the integrity of the product you are buying.

When it comes to aromatherapy and life; some clichés really ring true: things are not always what they appear to be, quality always trumps quality, and the most valuable things are those that delight the senses.

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