transform your life with neurolinguistic programming™ (nlp) and structural psychology

Neurolinguistic Programming is one of the most powerful tools for personal change. NLP and DHE technologies are the tools to access the realm of our subconscious processes where our brain works super fast and we can make rapid and lasting changes. We can access the states of super learning, photo read, improve our memory, easily get rid of addictive behaviors such as overeating, smoking and overspending, get rid of phobias and anxiety in less than 20 minutes, access our creativity and communicate with others at a subliminal level. We can also break through our limiting subconscious beliefs that had been preventing us from taking our lives to the next level.

“People believe some behaviors such as smoking or overeating are difficult to stop. They also identify with these behaviors, labeling themselves as a smoker or a fat person,” says Anita Kozlowski MSc, an internationally licensed NLP™ trainer in Alberta, Canada and founder of the Live with Power NLP ™ Seminars Ltd. “They are astounded that it takes one up to three sessions and they are free of these behaviors. And all we had to do was make changes on a subliminal level and reprogram these patterns.”

“People struggle with their businesses, sabotage their success or find it hard to make decisions. Some people feel “paralyzed” when entering a dating scene. All these are easy to change.” affirms Kozlowski. NLP™ is widely used in Europe and some of the largest corporations worldwide use it. It is used therapeutically in Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Eastern Europe with great results in schools. Kozlowski says,” there are no unintelligent students. It is the methods of teaching that do not reflect their unique information processing style. This is easy to change.”

Structural Psychology is one of the most powerful strategic approaches to therapy and communication, allowing you to specifically design an intervention or understand what the person’s problem really is.  “It takes guess work out of your coaching sessions or any communication” , says Anita Kozlowski.  “If you are a therapist or a coach, it makes your work much more effective and the results are immediate and pervasive”.

If you are a coach and/or a therapist, or simply want to better understand the structure of the mind, look into NLP trainings to help you or your clients.  

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