4 tips to take the time to slow down

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One of the advantages I find in teaching yoga is to allow the breath, the heartbeat, the people to slow down.

Slow down is essential in city life. Some people do not enjoy or really don’t see the interest to slow down. However, I bet that once in a while, even people who may need a little boost, actually need to slow down first.

When we slow down we get to see better; kinda like seeing the scene in slow motion. Slowing down is experienced at so many different levels and it can have big repercussions.I am speaking of how you manage your stress, to how you handle relationships.

Some people can readily tell if they are stressed; others may not. If you are feeling out of it, ask yourself these three questions below. 

1. Slow down, watch your breath. As you are thinking about that meeting or about that duty you need to accomplish, ask yourself: Are you holding air in? Are you exhaling?

Most people probably do not even know they are holding in their breath, so just exhale. Watch the story appear again. Watch your breath. Holding in again?


Don’t give up on finding a resolution to your challenge, but don’t hold the breath in either.

2. Slow down, watch your thoughts.

Watch your thoughts. How do they manifest? Are the thoughts that are coming to your mind relevant and useful? Yes – No.

No? If you slow down, step back, and see that you are thinking in circles, it is telling you one thing: your mind is tired. Most people have seen or have been around children, who lack their afternoon nap. They scream or they are nervous. They may demand more attention than usual. Our mind is the same. Slow down.

The solution will arise if you let the mental chat retire to its chambers and take a nap.

3. Slow down, watch your behavior.

Are you listening to yourself? Are you trying to meet an idea of what is expected of you?

Stop and be completely honest to yourself first. If you have the guts to see what is really happening, congratulations!

Are you feeling taken advantage of? Maybe you are lacking motivation to go further in a mission or context you have put yourself through. All external situations have the purpose to reveal yourself to you.

Use them! If it’s appropriate: extend your discovery and inform the other person about how you feel.

If it is someone, confront them with your feelings. Professionally or romantically, it works because we are constantly creating our reality.

4. Slow down, take some time to get to know yourself. Not from what other people see in you, but from what you see in yourself. Only you are able to change your lifestyle.

Get some time alone. Go for a walk in nature and take your shoes off. Connect your roots to the earth and become completely empty.Then, connect with the outside world again and try it out with your slowed-down breath, heartbeat, and approach.

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