simple tip to address slouching

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Slouching in our seats changes our nervous systems as your autonomic nervous system dials up your stress and relaxation responses in your whole body. Slouching essentially eliminates a healthy, relaxed breath.

Try it. Collapse right now. Slouch. Droop those shoulders forward, round your back, jut your head a little forward. (I know, it feels ugly to enforce this posture on our bodies. It’s a healthy thing to feel uncomfortable in a slouch.

Now that you are rounding yourself forward, take a deep breath. Not so easy, is it?! The parts of your lungs that would usually fill with air are pressed into themselves. Your breathing apparatus is squished.

Straighten up. Think of the front and back of your spine as you lift yourself into a tall, confident position. Allow the spine to arch naturally in the lumbar (lower back) and cervical (neck) areas. Take a deep breath. 

Oh, my, that felt good!

Do it again!

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