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4 tips to transition to a plant based diet


4 tips to transition to a plant based diet

A lot of people, especially us yogis, are aware of how much better a plant based diet is for our health, the way we look and feel, the well-being of our environment, and the animals, but actually doing it is another story!

Fret not, yogis- there are two goddesses who have forged the path before you, who have done the unthinkable and deleted the cheese pizza delivery number from their phones, so that you can have it easier than we did….lol!

Whether you are dabbling with going 100% plant-based, you just made the commitment or you have been plant based for awhile, these tips are key in making this a sustainable lifestyle and have made all the difference for us!

1. Commit – Even if you are dabbling, commit to something, even if it is one plant based meal a day! Setting up clear commitments will help you stay in a positive mindset so you’re not too hard on yourself. With anything new, it is so important to set intentions and connect to your why to stay inspired and on track- writing this down and journaling always helps!

The great news is, we have found that commitment is the key to true happiness and it is actually the first of Yogi Bhajan‘s seven steps to happiness and is key with making any change! Our “why” is this: We want to live in the highest vibration possible to elevate our energy, be the light and elevate the globe!

We want all beings, animals included, to be treated respectfully and we want to treat our planet with the love it deserves. Fact: Every day as a vegan you save approx. 1100 gallons of water, 30 square ft of forest, 1 animals life, 40 lbs of grain, and 20 lbs of Co2!

2. Understand the frequency

The frequency of what we eat is so important. Everything vibrates at a certain frequency and a dead animal that has had a life of cruelty and is on a shelf decaying is a much lower frequency than fresh fruit and vegetables from your local farmers market.

There are also so many levels of the frequency of water that we drink, and drinking high-frequency water is a great way to raise your vibration. Looking at everything from a vibrational standpoint allows us to connect everything to how we are feeling because as humans our emotions are our vibrational measurement system. How do you feel when you eat one food versus another and what makes you feel more alive versus sluggish and in lower vibration emotions like guilt, fear, etc?

3. Focus on adding – Instead of depriving yourself of things and being in the lack mindset of, “ I can’t have this, I can’t have that,” focus on adding new creative foods into your diet. Maybe it’s a creative new smoothie once a day to start, or a plant based ice cream. There are so many substitutions that you really don’t have to deprive yourself of something that you love, you can just choose a plant based version of it.

We love coconut butter and yogurts and there are so many plants based, soy free, vegetable and lentil versions of hamburger patties and taco “meat”, even chocolate! We have gotten so much more creative in the kitchen and love making our food colorful and beautiful. We love to play mantras while we cook and eat and really enjoy amazing plant based food!

4. Eating out/meal delivery – When you eat out at non-vegan restaurants, we always politely tell the staff that we are vegan and ask about dishes, just to make sure anything we order doesn’t have any hidden dairy items. Sometimes even avocado toast has hidden butter and it won’t say it on the menu so we always ask.

There are so many amazing vegan and vegetarian options at almost every restaurant now but if there aren’t any options, you can always order sides or make substitutions to dishes and we have found people are typically very accommodating and respect your choices.

When we are traveling we use YOGI TIMES’s Lifestyle City Guide (per city) as well as to find vegan restaurants and meet the most amazing like-minded people there and find some delicious food.

There are also some great food delivery services in major cities that can give you some good ideas and allow you to try more plant based meals and is especially helpful for busy families!

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