keep your yoga practice alive during the holidays

Tips Keep Yoga Practicing during Holidays

The holiday season is here! Time spent with loved ones, delicious home cooked meals, and invites to parties and events that populate our schedules. As fun as it all may be, the holiday season also means that fewer hours are being devoted to our yoga practice. 

So, here are some words of encouragement on how to stay positive and balanced throughout the holidays.

If at all possible, keep yoga practice included in your list of holiday activities, even if you just do half of your usual routine. A small amount of exposure to daylight can cause a shifting in energy. Without it, we might lack enthusiasm for getting on the mat.

This inconsistency in our yoga practice can actually lead to anxiety on your mind and body. Who needs that added stress around the holidays? 

Yoga provides us with an opportunity to slow it down, to give ourselves a deeper meditation or spiritual growth practice.

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Keeping the mind/body healthy and fit during the holidays allows us the opportunity to enjoy the moments.

If can you remember this, it will help you get through the hustle and bustle that comes with the holiday season.So, how do you keep your yoga routine going strong and alive when there are dozens of other things filling your days?

So, how do you keep your yoga routine going strong and alive when there are dozens of other things filling your days?

Remind yourself why you do yoga in the first place.

While the holidays is about giving, it’s important to remember to be good to yourself as well. By incorporating your practice with your holiday agenda you give a bit of self-love at the same time.

Set an intention and release the excuses. Decide on what you want and don’t let anything come in between your choice.

Involve loved ones to participate. It’s time to get your mom on the mat with you.

Try to practice early morning by setting an alarm, so that way you can be free for the rest of the day to enjoy and celebrate. Beginning your morning with positivity and kindness will certainly jump start for a great and healthy holiday!

Eat, drink and be merry, but always remember to be mindful.

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