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ong>First, breathe. Breath is life. It is living and energetically moving. Breathing-in you create power, breathing-out you use your power to move more efficently and fully into the complete and balanced expression of the pose. Focus on your breath and how it expands your consciousness and strength. Feel your breath moving into every cell of your muscles, ignore the music and people around you, enter your center through the life-giving power of breathing. Second, surrender into your own knowing and strength. This is allowing your body to move into the pose. Allowing your perfect alignment and balance. This is the grace of spirit and faith infused into your practice. Listening and guiding your physical and mindful actions with the flow of your breath, integrating all aspects of your being. Yoga is an integration of spirit, mind, and body, led by spirit through surrender and breath. Release the push to Make yourself do it. This action puts either mind or body into the leadership role and thereby limits your strength. Third, receive joy. The natural bi-product of breathing into your phsyical body with focused attention and surrending into the perfect knowing of your integrated being is JOY. When you are allowing your breath and spirit to guide you – You are infused with a perfect sense of your vitality. No matter what your age, you will defy time’s aging effects if you simply breath, feel self-love, release the need to make yourself do it, and surrender to your present-moment perfection in the poses. Learn more about what is hatha yoga really