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tips for an easier fun cleanse

tips for an easier fun cleanse

by Barbara Campins barbara campins
Nutrition | Personal Story | | Cleansing |

do you struggle when you do a cleanse?
Waking up at 5:00 am to teach has not been so easy lately, but during and after a cleanse I just did I felt very energized in the morning and had no problem getting out of bed.

While I was still on the cleanse one of my students told me how tired she felt and that she almost did not make it to the class that morning. I could not resist mentioning to her how the cleanse has sent my energy levels up to the roof. She did not show any interest on the cleanse but rather irritation and said “I am so f’ing tired about trying to figure out what to do, what not to do! One day coffee is good for your brain but the next day it gives you Alzheimer! Coconut water hydrates you but the sugar dehydrates you!” “Yoga is good but then it can kill you!”. I just listened. My student was honest enough to express what all of the healthnuts face “CONFUSION”.

Through the last cleanse I gained a lot of awareness about what works for me and what does not. I had done cleanses before but could not finish it due to the freezing, numbing, tingling and cramping sensations in my leg. I could not sleep and could barely walk. After having these experiences I figured that in the next cleanse I will play around adding foods similar to the foods belonging to the cleanse and see if this would help. It was a 3 day all green juice cleanse with no solid food, but I decided to introduce a little bit of watermelon, and an all greens soup. It made a world of a difference. My internal guidance system to decide what to eat comes from building awareness and compassion towards my self and my body.

Just because a health magazine or your yoga instructor suggests a certain diet or cleanse or posture it does not mean it is beneficial for you. Play adapting a cleanse, a diet, yoga postures or whatever else you do according to your needs. For me it has been a journey and it still is. I do my own research about foods or products and the benefits or harm, but the best way to determine if a food or cleanse or anything else to ingest is in harmony with my bodies is this: Is the food unpackaged?

Then it means it is a whole food that contains the vitamins that the body can process and absorb. How does it make you feel in your mind and body when you eat these foods? Be mindful, be present when you cook, eat, digest the foods. Maybe write it down to keep a record and see if this happens on a pattern. It is easy to get lost about making the right food choices but all I can do is build awareness, listen to my body and honor all of my body’s real needs. How do you honor your body’s needs?


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