the same pond

By: Anne Soffer
Before I started the practice of yoga, I have been practicing both classical and modern dance. From my youth onwards, I always loved to get into this flow by movement of the body. When I ...

based on a true story

Yesterday, sirens filled this site,

today, noiselessness. Yesterday, there were tears,

today, the fountain sprinkles. Yesterday, an ambulance, fire-engine and a police car parked on the street,

today, a BMW, Volkswagen and a Landrover. Yesterday, people were supporting each other,

today, people are again self-absorbed. Yesterday, this was a horrific place,

today, it’s deceivingly peaceful. Yesterday, the sun shone,

today, the sun shines. Yesterday a child lay lifeless in this pond. Today, flowers exaggeratedly blossom,

did they yesterday? Today, I walk by the church next to the pond,

God, where were you yesterday? Today, duckweed is covering the pond,

yesterday it resembled a field of grass. Today, lives are changed forever,

what was yesterday like? Today this pond will never again be,

what is was yesterday.

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