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the 5 fastest ways to raise your vibration


the 5 fastest ways to raise your vibration

Published: 09-08-2017 - Last Edited: 18-05-2020

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You’ve most likely heard this before right…your thoughts create your reality.

Yet you may be thinking ok, but how does this work? We are going to break this down for you so you can rock your life and feel unstoppable! So the way this works is our vibration, which can be measured by the emotions we feel, shape our thoughts. That vibration is what is emitted into our energy field, which is what attracts and repels things in and out of our life experience to become our reality.

Unlike what older scientific theories assumed, the space around us is not just empty open space but instead is filled by our auric field, or magnetic field, which is the body of energy that surrounds you.

This auric or magnetic field can be up to 9 feet surrounding your body. Just like our physical bodies, it is very much living, and in Kundalini Yoga, the auric field is known as the 8th chakra. When it is strong and healthy, the aura is bright and expands in all directions. It is your protection, your projection, and gives you an undeniable presence.

With a strong and bright aura, what you need comes to you easily, you are centered, secure, and charismatic. A weak aura can leave you feeling vulnerable, unsteady, and diminished.

Yogi Bhajan, the great Kundalini Yoga Master said: “Your shallowness or greatness of the soul shows up in your aura.” Like a magnet, you attract into your aura or magnetic field the result of your most dominant thoughts.

Everything we have, do, or experience in our lives is a product of our thoughts and emotions and a result of the frequency we are vibrating at. So if you want to change your experience, we must first change our vibration.

With the solar eclipse coming up and all of the energy happening right now, this is an especially important time to work on having a strong aura and living in a high vibration.

To experience joy and inner happiness and live in high vibrational emotions, we have to learn how to raise our vibration regularly.

Here are 5 of our favorite ways to raise your vibration that are effective and work fast.

1. Focus on feeling good.

Being aware of your thoughts and keeping your focus on how you feel is key in keeping your vibration high. When you are aware of what you think about, you can start to consciously shift your thoughts to a more positive place. The way you feel reflects where you are energetically, so if you’re feeling bad or could feel better, a quick way to shift into a better feeling place is to focus on what you want vs. the situation at hand or what we’d call “reality”. This will get you in the energy to manifest your desires and will instantly make you feel better.

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2. Clear your subconscious.

We can reprogram our minds with kundalini yoga and meditation and release thoughts in our subconscious. A lot of times, we need to clear “junk” that is steering the ship of our experience from the subconscious. If you ever want to do something or make a change and can’t, this is why – your subconscious is programmed differently than your conscious mind… and the subconscious mind always wins. So you want to make sure you’re conscious, and subconscious mind is aligned, and Kundalini yoga and meditation are the fastest, most effective way we have found to do this.

3. Feed your soul.

We want to consume high vibrational food, water, and products as much as possible. Everything carries energy, and so of course, what we consume into our bodies, in our homes, and on our skin, all has a vibration, and what we the consumer will either raise or lower our vibration. Choosing high-quality foods, water, and products that are free of chemicals, hormones, pesticides, and other low vibration ingredients will help raise your vibration. The more raw, organic, fresh whole foods we eat, the better!

4. Reduce consumption of low vibrational food/water/products.

If you are consuming medications, drugs, alcohol, meat, sugar, etc. you are filling your mind, body, and energy field with low vibrational energy. This brings down your awareness, making your internal compass and intuition off-kilter and haywire. Reducing and eliminating these things as much as possible will put us in a higher vibration instantly.

5. Start your day in the highest vibration with a morning routine and gratitude.

When we sleep, our point of attraction is at rest. Right when you wake up, you set your vibration for the day and have an easier chance to raise it first thing. We have a 15 Min RISE UP Magic Morning Ritual at High Vibe Livin that gets us in the best energy for happiness and success. It includes tuning in, breath work, gratitude, Kundalini warm-ups, meditation, and affirmations.


If you are new to this and want to start a morning practice and see how it feels, the best way to start is to breathe deep for 1-3 min.

Then think about, feel, and possibly write down what you are grateful for before checking your phone and starting your day.

The key is consistency, so just start small and see how much better your day goes!

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