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sunflower seeds tamari

sunflower seeds tamari

Published: 15-06-2012 - Last Edited: 12-08-2021

sunflower seeds tamari

sunflower seeds tamari healthy recipe

Perfect for mid day cravings or as an evening’s appetizer, the sunflower seeds tamari will be a recurrent raw snack on your pallet.

Prepare the sauce by mixing all ingredients into a mixing bowl. 

Place the soaked and drained sunflower seeds into a big bowl and pour the sauce over them. Mix lovingly together the sunflower seeds with the sauce – mix well.

Spread the seeds onto the flex sheet of your dehydrator, and dehydrate until crunchy.

Sunflower seeds tamari is now yours to snack away on!

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* you can use the same sauce to prepare the nori snack

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