#1 strategy to grow your email list

meet the spiritual business coach who is sharing the most powerful way to welcome more clients to your email list

Do you want more people on your email list, who are genuinely excited to hear from you?

Well today again, one of our favorite spiritual business coaches, Destinee Berman, has got you covered.

She truly gets yoga teachers and spiritual business owners, and understands why we struggle to market ourselves, especially online.

In today’s video, Destinee Berman is encouraging spiritual business owners to grow their email list through adopting the use of lead magnets.

Lead magnets are essentially free digital incentives designed to target potential customers in exchange for their contact details. Destinee believes in strong, aligned marketing in order to expand organically – which is why she values the importance of effective lead magnets.

In order to successfully implement lead magnets as a marketing tool, you must carefully decide which type of digital content you will offer your customers. The list of incentives are endless which is why it’s important to know exactly what you will offer and who your intended audience is. 

If you can establish confidence in your skills and what you have to offer, customers will begin to opt-in, not only for the freebie but because the incentive will highlight that you wish to interact with your people.

A free PDF guide could be downloaded straight to a smartphone after signing up, discount codes for your treatments or services can be delivered to an email address or printable templates could also be a great way to showcase a creative project. 

Use your existing resources and prepare only downloadable content that your targeted audience will be interested in. This then reaffirms the idea of only targeting like-minded individuals who are passionate about your work.

Instant access to a growing email list will then enable you to build a connection and relationship with your customers. Nurture them and continue engaging with them to demonstrate your craft and attract more members to your tribe.

Watch Destinee’s video to learn the best way to use lead magnets and implement them successfully.


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