let’s stay here forever

Let’s stay here forever

My husband and me..

In bed..

Experiencing euphoria, high spirits..

Holding each other tight..

Fusing into one..

Merging, melting..

Being unable to sense which limbs are his, and which are mine..

The scent of love filling the room..

Sweet talk overload..


My husband saying: “Let’s stay here forever, like this.”

Me saying: “We can’t, because if we would, then we would forget

we are here.”

What is foreverness?

What is experience?

Can we experience foreverness?

At that time I deeply understood what I said.

I felt it. Beyond words.

Later on, these questions arose in my mind.

Without movement there would be no experience.

Most of the time we are moving towards something,

and when we get there, that something is already replaced

by something new we are destined to move towards.

Anything not to face this moment as it is. Anything not to accept

this moment as it is. Anything to say: “I am not there yet”.

Because facing this moment, might be the big show down.

Surely if there is nothing left to move towards.

And I think the oddity here is that most of us are aiming for a solid state.

Desiring a fixed state.

A state to stay in and never leave.

A state where we will finally know.

Where we have finally overcome.

Where we will for once and for all do the right thing and make the right choice.

A state where we will enduringly have confidence.

And permanent peace of mind.

Where we will be organized.

Where all will be good and happy and beautiful, forever.

A state where we will be free..

We will find it, one day. Not now, but maybe tomorrow.

Mañana, mañana.

So in general, I sense that there is movement away from what is now,

and a longing to come to a state where there is no

movement at all.

To come back to my sweet sweet bed story,

how could I experience this heavenly experience

if it was all there was? I also need the flip side of this experience.

The drawback. The minus.

Could it be why my husband and I also have quite fierce fights every now and then?

I need the opposite to. I need to feel both sides in order to experience both sides.

One does not go without the other.

The more high the upside, the more deep the downside.

Without this flux, there is no experience.

Experience is undergoing a certain feeling or process.

And knowledge of an event or subject gathered through

involvement in, or exposure to it.

Movement is life.

It is difficult to define life, because life is a process.

If you look up the definition of life, you will find different explanations:

adaptation, response, reproduction, growth..

All is movement.

I think that maybe this is what freaks people out.

Wanting so much to cling to something, something good,

without embracing the natural flow of things, without embracing the bad also.

Embrace movement. Cuddle it. And know that everything will pass.

The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful.

Dance with movement, dance with life.

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