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malasana garland squat pose

malasana garland squat pose

Published: 11-10-2011 - Last Edited: 12-08-2021

malasana garland squat pose

Malasana, squat pose is a sumptuous asana we like to sit in, especially when we’re hanging out or chatting with a friend.

Malasana will help to open up your hips in a wonderful way.

From a standing position, bring your legs about twelve inches apart, breathe in and as you exhale, sink your butt down towards the floor.

Keep your feet as parallel as you can. If your heels aren’t touching the floor, you can roll up a blanket and put it underneath. Bring your hands into prayer pose in front of your chest.

Now, once you are in the Malasana, breathe in, press the backs of your arms against your shins and lift your chest – this will help to lengthen your spine.

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Relax your shoulders and take ten long breaths in the pose.

You can practice this one very easily at any time of day. Enjoy!

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