observing ourself and others

By observing how we see others – and therefore ourselves – we can grow from within. Sometimes it is easier to judge others than to become aware of how we judge ourselves. Using this, we can then turn it upon ourselves and recognize that we do the same to ourselves. If we feel sad for someone it is often because we relate to the same sadness within. 

The challenge we may feel in a relationship is an indication that within us there is an un-expressed emotion or feeling. By looking at these situations and claiming them as our own, we can process them and step into an empowered place which leads us forward – effectively creating our lives in the image of who we are at our core, and not as our peers or society would have us. We can find peace inside our selves, creating harmony by forgiving that which we hold against another. Simply asking ourselves “How can I forgive?” allows us to begin the process of forgiveness – which, when embraced, frees us of our torment towards the other, and therefore to ourselves.

Byron Katie said, “Change your thoughts, change your feelings.” Opening yourself up to change is the first step to transformation. If you can acknowledge that there is a different way of seeing a situation, then already you are beginning the process of healing the many different parts that make you up, all of which have their own story from your past.

Clear the weight that holds you down so that you can enjoy the moment and be fully alive, instead of caught up in the past or future. Listen to your partner or simply the other you within.  Allow yourself to enter a state of deep calm, and quietly ask for guidance from god or the universe as to what steps are appropriate for you to take at this stage in your life. Listen attentively to your answer and do not be fooled by its subtlety. We are constantly experiencing miracles, yet we are rarely aware that they exist, because our existence is too loud. The experience is often drowned in our need to look good, or we are too busy entertaining our own fear-filled egos.

An understanding of all the parts that make you up puts you in harmony with yourself. Are you content with the way you live? Do you accept what is in front of you? Do you accept the reality you create?  When we accept the reality we create, we take responsibility for ourselves. When we are responsible for ourselves, we stand in awareness of who we are; we are at peace with the choices we have made and the choices we will make.

Finding the strength to let go of the familiar and step into the unknown takes a lot of energy as we combat our fears: the same fears that keep us from being clear in the choices that we make for ourselves. We all know that it is often easier to handle some discomfort in the lives we live, rather than face the fear of the unknown. Creating awareness around the different parts that make us up allows us to choose that which gives life, and therefore not choose to entertain that which takes life away. 

Living a fulfilled life with honest integrity takes you to new dimensions within the realm you live in and experience. A whole new world becomes available to you as you step into a fearless existence, constantly creating the life you now know to be truly yours.   

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