the proof of happiness

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How do you know when you’ve realized the truth of happiness within?    

When you look inside yourself and you can no longer find a personal sense of “self” anymore, your old, former “self” that suffered, that felt emotional pain and anguish, and had wild hopes and ambitious longings, you are free. When you look inside and no longer find a “self” that derived joy and pleasure””and, often, disappointment and frustration””from the events and circumstances in your life, you have come Home to your true nature.   

You’re free of that “self” now, and free of all issues of “self-worth,” “self-esteem,” and “self-image.” When you look inside yourself, you find what you see when you look outside: the universe, expressing itself in its unique, ever-interesting, and timelessly creative, harmonious way.

Oh, you will still enjoy the pleasure of good things happening; that won’t change. But you will no longer depend on your circumstances to feel good, because once you have discovered the happiness that shines on its own, you basically feel good, inside, all the time. At the very least, you accept and flow with whatever you’re experiencing in the moment””and yes, sometimes, you may work to shift or change that experience if it’s unwanted or problematic.    

When you feel good inside all the time””at peace, happy, living in the flow of the present””you tend to attract good things into your life. Health, relationships””romantic, social, and work””finances, and creative endeavors all tend to be much more favorable when you live in integrity, in a joyous and genuinely loving harmony, with all that is.

And the proof that you are happy will show in your gaze, the light and openness in your eyes when you look at another human being, or even a bird or animal. Your gaze will be warm and welcoming, fearless and non-judgmental, kind and inviting. People will trust it, will feel safe with it”¦  

It is a look that will say, to others: “Hey, I see you, I see you as the beautiful, loving expression of divine creation that you are”¦ The same expression that I am”¦ We truly are, in our essence, One”¦”   

It is a look that is totally comfortable with silence, with absolutely nothing happening, because it knows that something is, always, actually happening””life, in all its creative and dynamic fullness, and above all, life in the energy and spirit of the person looking back at you.   

It is a look that is established in pure awareness, or consciousness, knows itself as that, and so it sees only consciousness wherever it looks. So it is a look, a gaze that is soft, inviting, healing, and ever-renewing”¦

              “When wisdom and love meet, you have a beautiful dance!”

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