water magic: sleep like a baby

Water Magic: Sleep like a Baby

Mary Muryn’s book ‘Water Magic’ is a useful tool to learn about the healing powers of bathing. There are baths to soothe emotions, baths to heal illnesses, and baths to rejuvenate. Baths can have metaphysical properties that cleanse the aura, open the mind to intuition, clear negativity and help the spirit soar. How often do we truly take the time to drift off into the ritual of a bath? Through ‘Water Magic’, we journey into the great cosmic ebb and flow of the universe, via our bathtubs.

Mary has led an incredibly colourful life. Her interest fueled her determination to learn about spirituality and medicine. Mary studied with various famous therapists and doctors who taught her alternative treatments to conventional medicine. One such person was Dr Pannetier, the successor of Dr Stone who founded Polarity Therapy, which uses a combination of Eastern and Western concepts. Mary has since been working extensively as Dr Pannetier’s successor, with doctors and therapists worldwide, teaching that we all have the power to heal others and ourselves. Even by simply getting into a bathtub.

For a restful sleep


When you are over-tired or over-stimulated, here is a simple way to relax and send yourself off to restful sleep. The preparation for this bath may seem like too much work when you’re exhausted, but the ritual of preparation is a perfect way to start off the relaxation process.

1 handful of chamomile flowers

2 chamomile tea bags

Sandalwood incense (optional)

Candles (optional)

1 quart of water


8-10 pellets of homoeopathic chamomile 30x in the bath water


Start by steeping chamomile flowers in a quart of water for twenty minutes. During this twenty-minute period, cover your head with a towel and position your head over the stove and inhale the healing aroma of the chamomile steam. Strain and pour the liquid into your bath. Next, using the two tea bags, make yourself a cup of chamomile tea to sip in the bathtub. Steep it lightly and save the tea bags.

Once immersed in the tub, put on some relaxing music. Try Nils Frahm or Mozart Flute Concertos in G. Light the candles and your favourite incense. Close your eyes and place a warm tea bag over each eye. Now imagine yourself drifting off to the seaside, where you find yourself stretched out on the comforting sand. The sun gently warms your body. Imagine the rolling sounds of the waves as you let yourself drift…drift…

It is also helpful whenever you are stressed and fatigued to breathe deliberately. A simple thing you can do in the tub is put your awareness into your inhalation and exhalation, and at the same time concentrate on your big toes. The big toe is a reflex point in your body for your head. As yogis, we believe the energy enters through the head and exits through the feet. This is a good way of “exiting” all your mental stresses and calming your mind. You can do this exercise in bed or at the office too.

Relax and soothe your soul, preparing yourself for a good night’s sleep.

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