proper sleep goes a long way in ensuring a healthy life

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The human body needs time to replenish and relax. When we sleep our body enters into a calm and relaxing state. It is a natural phenomenon of the body which is characterized by our state of altered consciousness.

When we sleep all of our sensory activities and voluntary muscles become inhibited. We also have reduced interaction with our surroundings.

We experience sleep in the form of repeating periods known as REM and Non REM. REM is rapid eye movement, and this type of sleep is characterized by a virtual state of paralysis of the body.

Sleep and its role in our body

Sleep is a vital process of the body. When we sleep our body goes into an anabolic state which helps to restore the nervous, immune, muscular and skeletal systems.

These processes are vital for maintaining memory, mood and cognitive performance of the body. Sleep also plays a very important role in the immune system and the endocrine functions of the body. It is one of the vital factors of our overall well being and health.

Sleep helps to soothe the mind and restore the body. The body works in such a way that after some time it needs to restore and rejuvenate itself to be able to function better. Therefore, sleep is an essential aspect of overall mind-body wellness.

Benefits of sleep

A good night’s sleep plays a key role in ensuring that we remain healthy and active. Understanding the benefits of a proper night’s sleep may help to foster a daily routine to ensure we get the slumber we need. The following are some of the important benefits of adequate sleep.

When you have a healthy sleeping pattern your body burns more calories and ensures no excess fat gets stored behind.You also tend to eat less. People who have at least 8 hours of sleep at night are less likely at risk of becoming obese.

Proper sleep can improve your concentration and your productivity. Your mind gets refreshed after a good sleep and you tend to focus and concentrate more on the tasks at hand. Good sleep has been shown to improve problem-solving and logical reasoning skills in many people.

Good sleep is associated with less risk of heart disease and stroke. People who tend to sleep soundly have healthy hearts as poor sleep reduces insulin sensitivity and affects blood sugar levels.

Proper sleep helps your immune system to become stronger and resistive to diseases. People who sleep for at least 7-8 hours daily are less likely to become sick.Thus proper sleep helps to ensure that you function properly as a healthy individual.

Sleep disorders

If you have trouble sleeping, there are many ways to relax your body throughout the day that may help you sleep better at night. Consider meditation, yoga, exercise and a healthy diet, low in carbohydrates and sugar.

Although most people have normal sleeping patterns, there are some sleeping disorders people suffer from like bruxism, insomnia, sleepwalking, etc. While some sleep disorders may require intervention (acupuncture is said to help induce a good night’s sleep), others just require lifestyle changes. Managing stress and anxiety to calm the mind can help contribute to a peaceful sleep. If you do find yourself tired and sluggish after a night of uneasy sleep, a short daytime power nap may be all you need to feel rested and balanced.

Sleep is a natural state of the body. Healthy sleep patterns provide the body time to restore and refresh, contributing to more focus, energy and overall body health.

Improper sleep can harm the body in a lot of ways both physically and emotionally.

Here are some final suggestions

• Coffee and drinks containing caffeine should be avoided before bedtime.

Avoid exposure to electronic devices and screens before sleeping.

• Try listening to a guided sleep meditation or soft music while falling asleep. This will allow you to fall asleep faster.

• If you cannot sleep with all the lights off get a night lamp and keep it on while you sleep.

• Avoid sleeping under harsh lights.

A good and healthy sleeping pattern ensures you lead a productive and happy life. So sleep well!