15 minute meditation to change your life

start with short meditation blocks

A few minutes of meditation can do wonders for your life. It aligns your mind, body, and emotions, making you stable and well-balanced. Our bodies are made up of energy spheres known as chakras. When you start a daily practice of meditation, these chakras start aligning and create a positive impact on life. You will develop better resilience and endurance to deal with the challenges of life.

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Benefits of daily 15-minute meditation

  • Your heart becomes healthy as you eliminate toxins from your body with breathing exercises, which are a part of meditation.
  • You get sound sleep as it puts a leash on the stress hormone called cortisol.
  • Daily meditation helps in driving away nervous eating, which leads to weight gain. It causes indirect weight loss.
  • It boosts the digestive system, and you have fewer stomach problems when you meditate daily.

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  • Inner peace is hard to achieve without meditation as we deal with a lot of day-to-day challenges that lead to stress.
  • Depression and anxiety problems diminish when you practice daily meditation.
  • You will find more happiness and focus on the positive rather than dwell on the negative.
  • It makes your mind alert and gives you a sharp memory
  • You will develop a better coping mechanism
  • It controls addictive behaviors

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You can learn to be mindful when you practice meditation as a part of your daily routine. It boosts your energy and keeps your mind free from mental chatter. You will learn to focus on what is important and learn to eliminate negative thought patterns. It creates more space to rejuvenate your mind and gives less scope to ruminate over bad memories. 

It is your me-time

Daily 15 minutes of meditation can give you a lot of me-time to structure and organize your thoughts for staying productive. Your mind learns to develop better ways of thinking and perceiving things. It helps your mind roam free to create a better value system. You can start with 15 minutes of yoga and meditation. 

It is easy to improve your focus and eliminate distractions with this daily practice. Emotional pain diminishes when you start your day with yoga and meditation. Bad relations, break-ups, work stress, family responsibilities, and many other challenges are enough to add to the pressure. 

Your mind becomes free from the chains of the past and worries about the future. You will learn to live in the moment and learn to be present in the current time. This practice will let you make the best of the time you have and do more good to yourself and others and see personal growth and progress in life. 

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You will learn to look ahead

Most of the people remain depressed because they live in the past. It creates a lot of clutter in the mind leaving no scope to find inner peace. Anxieties and stress can lead to a lot of health problems, which are usually a consequence of bad habits and wrong thought processes. 

Self- compassion

You will learn to practice self-compassion when you start the practice of daily meditation. It changes your outlook towards how you treat yourself as well as others, and this can change your life. If you have sacrificed too much for your loved ones, you will realize the importance of taking care of your own emotional and mental well being. 

Most of us forget to practice the art of putting ourselves first without getting on to the guilty-trips of wanting to take care of ourselves. All the suffering and pain you feel from inside is purged on a day-to-day basis, and it leaves no room to accumulate negative emotions. 

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Meditation is a form of daily cleansing of mind and emotional clutter that gives clear thoughts and insights. There are various forms of meditations from which you can choose. Wear comfortable clothes and sit in a correct posture and focus your mind on nothingness. 

 Types of meditation techniques


It is also a type of meditation where you learn to visualize positive daily outcomes, so it creates a positive mind frame regardless of what challenges you will be facing. Many athletes use this type of meditation. You can use this technique until you accomplish your vision.

Transcendental meditation

A mantra or syllable is given to focus on a practice daily. It brings an amount of stillness and focus and shuts the chaos within. You have to choose to be loving and practice kindness, along with focusing on this type of meditation. It enriches your inner world and brings inner peace regardless of the outside noise. If you find yourself constantly frustrated, then it is good to start practicing kindness and be more compassionate towards living beings.

Music meditation

You can turn on zen or pleasant instrumental music that is meditation and stay for some time inside the shower. You will enjoy moments of peace and joy when you start meditating with music. This works best for busy people because music per se has a meditative effect.

Getting in the groove

For beginners, it takes only a few weeks to get into the mode of meditation and practice wellness through this technique. It is not difficult but needs daily practice to start feeling the positive effects of meditative techniques. 

Meditation suits people of all age groups. You can start it at any point in life and experience the positive effects of practicing daily meditation for 15 minutes that can change your life for the better. Make it a part of your life to experience more happiness and fulfilling life. 

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