september 12 full moon asana


Full Moon in Pisces

Yoga for the Full Moon in Pisces: September 12, 2011 ”” Happy Full Moon!

The symbol for this swimmingly rich Full Moon comes from the zodiac sign it falls in ”” Pisces. The symbol for Pisces is fish. Usually two, swimming in totally opposite directions. That’s our first big clue in understanding the power of this Full Moon (and as far as astrological connections, Pisces is connected with that highly mystical planet Neptune and that even more mysterious and mystical astrological house, the Twelfth House).

I’ll tell you up front, this is not the easiest thing to get ahold of. As mentioned, the symbol is fish and its connotation is mystical. Imagine trying to catch a fish with your bare hands. Slippery, yes? But we yogis are courageous, so let’s dive in. . . . swoosh. . . deep waters and all.

The September 12th Full Moon offers a choice between wild craziness ”” or vast creativity, inspired spirituality, and awakened consciousness

The days and nights surrounding this Full Moon help us realize that the choices we make in our lives tend to either sabotage us or, through making us more conscious, save us.

This Full Moon in holds a special key to our hidden ”” and therefore, whole ”” Self. 

This Full Moon energy contains an opportunity for perfect bliss ”” or distasteful ick

But why all this either, or ?  Well… remember the fish, swimming in opposite directions? Simply put, the Full Moon in Pisces presents us with an ideal time to reconcile what nourishes us, with what destroys us.

Therefore, this Full Moon supports us to realize how our only real choice is a matter of psychological integration or dis-integration.

In other words, what we don’t consciously relate to can bite us in the ass…

Seems we need to know how to work with this energy now, in the time surrounding the Full Moon on September 12th ”” without going off the deep end! To align with this month’s Madame Luna in her fullness:

imagine you’re in yoga class. The instructor says, “place your left foot near your left buttock.” And with this simple instruction, you become conscious of your left foot and buttock in a way you may not have been conscious before. Not so unusual, right?

But the shining jewel is this: yoga is much more about consciousness of the left foot than it is about consciousness of the left foot. Ultimately, yoga is about expanding consciousness.

It comes back to what we read a moment ago, “What we don’t consciously relate to can bite us in the ass.” We are empowered, every moment, every day. We can choose to let life ”” including our own state of mind ”” sabotage us, or through making conscious, set us free.

Full Moon Asana

Traditional body-zodiac correlation for Pisces = feet. Yogastrology theme for Pisces = Foundations. 

In order to manifest the Full Moon in Pisces energy in the highest yet most practical way, we have to be grounded: that is our practice this Full Moon. Let’s get grounded and stand tall in Mountain Pose, Tadasana. Both feet firmly planted on the Earth. Remain fully embodied; be very present. Then and only then can true consciousness arise.

Without groundedness, this Full Moon’s creative inspiration slips away.

Two steps to staying grounded:

1. Emphasize feet (yes, it’s that simple). Several times a day, wiggle and spread the toes. While standing in line at the bank or driving your car, when you’re strolling along the beach or gazing at the computer screen (like right now). Wiggle. Spread. All. Ten. Toes.

2. Breathe in, and breathe out, through the soles of both feet

In your yoga practice, emphasize the feet and toes in every pose. Touch base with Mother Earth. Allow full grounded-on-the-earth consciousness to open up for you. 

In Vedic astrology (Jyotisha), this Full Moon falls in Aquarius. We can focus our awareness on our ankles = Aquarius, as well as our feet = Pisces, and harvest the magic of this Full Moon.

Invite the limitless power of the Pisces Full Moon into your life. Also known as the Harvest Moon, this is the Full Moon nearest the equinox.

Equinox means balance: Tadasana, Mountain Pose, provides a key to that profoundly simple state of balance in our bodies, and balance in our lives.

Stand in Mountain Pose, and raise both arms to the luminous Full Moon in Pisces (also called the Healer’s Moon). Draw healing energy from lovely Luna all the way down to your toes and feet. Carpe diem, little fishes, seize the day!



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