self affirming positive statement

Self Affirming Positive Statement Gratitude spirituality

I have the power and will to command my life to reach my highest peaks.

I am Alive

I can influence others and my surroundings in any way, but only for the good of all souls.

I am Alive

I will succed my past, be peaceful in the present, and forge my future to shape my deepest most purest endeavors.

I am Alive

I realize that I am Alive and have the full ability to make my life

All decisions, thoughts, feelings and deeds my own.

I am as much responsible as I am merely an observer to make my life and help others’ to be the best they can possibly be.

I am Alive forever and always. Wherever I may be, may I go in peace, love, happiness, wisdom, strength, determination, gratitude and humor.

Life is like going down a river on a raft. You only need to control when you need to turn. Otherwise, relax. Also, you need balance between the two. Sometimes you need to take more turns. Sometimes you need to relax more. Lastly, enjoyment should always be a constant. It’s your free will. Make the most of it.

~ Namaste

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