seeking love


the real thing

Love has different meanings at different stages of life. Ultimately, the purpose of love is to expand ourselves through our connection with others. The boundaries of isolation melt in the warmth of life. Love brings meaning to life through its many expressions. 

• Love is meant to heal.
• Love is meant to renew.
• Love is meant to make us safe.
• Love is meant to inspire us with its power.
• Love is meant to make us certain, without doubt.
• Love is meant to oust all fear.
• Love is meant to unveil immortality.
• Love is meant to bring peace.
• Love is meant to harmonize differences.
• Love is meant to bring us closer to God.

Even if this list strikes you as unrealistic or overblown, I encourage you to make a bargain with love and notice how these intentions manifest for you when you make love the most important thing in your life. 

For the next few days, do your best to:

• Be kind to yourself and others.
• Come from love every moment you can.
• Speak of love with others. 
• Never give up hope.
• Know that you are loved.

As you practice these things, be open to receive lessons in life as expressions of love. The challenges of the world are undeniable, and few people even dream that they can be overcome. But love can soothe our pain and give us hope for a world in which our common unity prevails over our differences.

Be honest about your seeking of love, and be alert to the moments when love is showing itself to you. You are the only means that love has for conquering fear. The message of love may not be clear to those around you, but you will hear it if you listen with an open heart. Keep looking for clues. 

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