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water magic – restorative sea bath

water magic – restorative sea bath

Published: 05-06-2018 - Last Edited: 31-08-2023

water magic - restorative sea bath

an oasis of pleasure and solitude

A relaxing haven of pleasure and seclusion may be found in the tub—a specifically allotted time to relax and recharge amid an otherwise relentlessly demanding environment.

The bathing practice has tremendous benefits of curative, aesthetic, pleasurable, and spiritual development. Spend time on yourself and your spouse, and let yourself drift into olfactory ecstasy.

Here at YOGI TIMES we have complied a sequence of bath remedies thanks to aromatherapist and book author Mary Muryn’s (check out ‘Water Magic’) and we’ve added our own tips and tricks.

We are honored to present Mary’s collected therapies and take you on a “watery journey of enlightenment” to discover the awaiting pleasures in your bathtub.

Self-care may be practiced in the preparation of a bath and in taking one, whether one does it alone or with another person. Taking a bath offers an opportunity to test the limits of your capacity for pleasure and relaxation.

Be mindful by slowing down your life’s frenetic and monotonous pace for just a second to investigate who you are and what you require, and then act accordingly.

Your continual niggling that there is no time for such frolicking should not deter you from following your gut and reserving one evening for yourself throughout this month. Then it would help if you tried taking a bath once a week; before you know it, you’ll want to do it every night.

Be sure to check back later for more fantastic and fascinating bath content. You may anticipate finding recipes, anecdotes, and insights into Mary’s rich and varied past in this book.

Let’s begin by exfoliating those dead skin cells with an ingredient you most likely already have stashed away in your medicine cabinet…

Restorative Sea Bath

Revitalizing And Refreshing After A Long Day

Purpose: Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, is said to have been born in the ocean and emerged from a massive shell, a metaphor for women’s sensuality.

In several different civilizations, the sea is seen to be the source of life and to have the power to restore health and vitality to people who live close to it.

The presence of highly charged electromagnetic fields and the production of negative ions contribute to an enhanced sense of well-being. Large bodies of water play both of these roles.

The Restorative Sea Bath tones, refreshes and revitalizes the body, like a dip in the ocean. You can even have the regenerative properties of the ocean at home.

1-2 lbs. organic, non-caking agent containing sea salt

Body Brush or Loofah

If the water in the tub is overly hot, bathing in it will be exhausting. Find a warm enough temperature to be comfortable, add the salt, and submerge yourself in the water for ten to thirty minutes.

Then, using a body brush or loofah, begin massaging or brushing your body upward, working your way up to your head. Start at your feet and work your way up. You’ll get a lovely sense of revitalization.

Optional: After the bath, rinse yourself quickly with cold water. This, combined with the salt and the scrubbing will invigorate your energy.

Now, time to soak in!

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