scandinavian countries – for a family vacations this summer

scandinavian countries family vacations summer traveling

Nordic countries can be an excellent vacation direction for families with children of all ages, and this short article will discuss a few of the best summer travel opportunities in this region. Although pretty often people are not rushing there due to high prices and the chilly climate, a number of advantages like easy access and beautiful views should help you to forget these two small issues.

So, where to travel and what to see? Below you will find out. All that you will need to do afterward is to book your hotels, plane tickets and hit the road to experience the best time with your family!

1. Bergen and the fjords around Norway

At first glance it might seem that Bergen, the second largest city in Norway, was specially built for family photo shots – colored houses are reflected in water and mountain cabins look absolutely adorable as well. But once you visit this amazing city, don’t miss a chance to visit the breathtaking fjords nearby. After all, Norway is the only place in the world where you can enjoy these natural wonders. Bergen is an important cultural center of the country – here you can find museums of archeology, history, Hanseatic, leprosy, Grieg and the aquarium, which will undoubtedly be loved by the children. Here you can also enjoy the twelfth century’s Romanesque St. Virgin Church, the thirteenth century’s castle ruins, and Gothic palace, which is full of Medieval and Baroque architecture. If you would like to see more, the city is connected with the capital of Oslo tunnel.

2. Gothenburg and the west coast of Sweden

Over the past few decades, the second largest city in Sweden has become one of the most popular tourist’s places in Scandinavia. The world famous Swedish main seaport does not lack entertainment for families with their children too. At the city, you can visit various ancient forts like Lejonet (“Lion”) and Crohn’s (“Crown”) fortress, in the seventeenth century Cathedral, and the Kristina Church. The city has cultural, maritime, and natural history museums. Children will long remember a visit to the Liseberg amusement park, which is the highest not only in Sweden, but the whole of Scandinavia. It is equipped with more than 40 different rides and roller coasters, and a running horror room, “Haunted Hotels”. The amusement park is free to visit with the Gothenburg City Card!

3. Skagen, Denmark

Another Scandinavian gem is located in Denmark. The northernmost Danish city is especially famous because of its spectacular landscape, and its shores washed by two seas – the North and Baltic Sea, where they are merging into one. Skagen is often called the most bohemian Danish city. More than a century ago, tons of Scandinavian impressionists started to paint here, so today a significant number of galleries, art crafts shops, and organized workshops are found here on every corner. What should you see? In the Grenen Cape, the lighthouse marking the northernmost point of Denmark is located. Here you can also visit a nature center and, of course, a teddy bears’ museum. Skagen is indeed a perfect place for thoughtful and cultured holidays with a unique natural background. A number of the city’s population is engaged in fishing, so here gourmets will find that to enjoy as well.

4. Stockholm, Sweden

Scandinavia’s largest city and the capital are located on a number of islands that can be reached by bridges or ships. It is advisable to travel here with slightly older children because the city is rich in sights that might be fascinating for them, but can also make the travel schedule very intense. It is advisable to explore the city on foot or go on a guided tour by bus or boat. This city is also called “Venice of the North” and is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and world-class museums, and a variety of entertainment, making it easy to enjoy according to everyone’s needs and financial capabilities.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

Regarding art, design, fashion and food, no other Scandinavian city can oust Copenhagen. Although the Danish capital is the proud owner of the best and probably the most expensive restaurants in the world, most travelers prefer a simpler version of the stay in the Danish capital. Like in any other multi-ethnic city in the world, here is no shortage of delightful Turkish, Chinese and Vietnamese eateries. The colorful and lively city is easy to reach.  If you are traveling with children, be sure to visit the Tivoli amusement park established in 1843. Another family attraction – one of the oldest zoos in Europe, founded in 1859.

There’s so much to see and do in Scandinavia. No matter where you go – Sweden, Denmark, Norway, or a combination of the three – it’s sure to be an adventure that the whole family will enjoy.

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