the 3 messages from sam cawthorn

from a quick visit at the green school, bali indonesia.

It was the first ever Green School graduation day. I was excited. I had been asked by the School to fly to Bali to address the graduates of the class of 2013. The weather was perfect, the crowd came, and here I was on stage with the Founders of the Green School John Hardy and Cynthia and also Robyn Lin, an amazing human and the CNN Hero of the Year. 

Last year I was asked to come to Green School in Bali though I had never heard of it before. I brought my family with me and we stayed for a month. It was a life changing event for my wife and 3 kids as we had never been in a place quite like Green School before. It was here we also met Yogi Times and started our adventure together. 

As I walked towards the microphone I heard a rushing wind sweep through the tent that was pitched on the lawn. But then suddenly it was calm and all eyes was focussed on me. After making them laugh about how weird and crazy they are, I spoke about 3 important things:

1. Quit Early

A controversial subject to talk about at a graduation but relevant. I argued that quitting something that does not align with their purpose and destiny is imperative. Staying stimulated in whatever you focus on is the most important thing to achieve ultimate happiness, fulfilment and meaning.

2. Wisdom or Regret

I challenged the graduates that they have 2 choices in life: You can live in wisdom or live with regret. We focused on taking advise from a caring adult, and when faced with a choice, to choose wisdom, because living in regret cripples you, not physically but emotionally and mentally.

3. Wild Hair

One thing about the Green School is most student have crazy hair and one thing I love about it is this: The greatest issue with teenagers across the world right now is image. it’s why bullying happens, why peer pressure happens, it’s the search for one’s identity. Having wild crazy hair is a statement to say that I don’t care about your opinion about how weird I am, I like ME. 

Because if you do not decide who you are, someone will tell you who you are!!

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