what are some of the root chakra stones?

crystals for root chakras

Do you ever feel depressed? Anxious? Well, there is a possibility that your root chakra is out of alignment. But wait for a second, what are root chakras? Not all people know that the root chakra is one of the seven wheels of energy that flow through the body. They begin at the top of your head down to the very base of your spine. If these wheels are not spinning correctly and the energy doesn’t move inside you, your well-being will be at risk. Root Chakra Crystals or Stones can help you restore your balance.

What is a Root Chakra?

“Root Chakra,” is also known as “Muladhara,” refers to the root of the body. It serves as your connection to the earth and the ability to feel firmly in your life. The root chakra is the epicenter of your stability. It is the place where you gain a sense of strength, safety, endurance, and grounding. It is the very foundation that affects your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. People who experience issues like depression, anxiety, hopelessness, etc., likely have root chakras that are blocked or out of alignment.

The root chakra is essential in letting us experience a good quality of life. It is where we manage to embrace our environment, the people around us, and ourselves. It is how we feel at peace.

Signs of a person with a balanced root chakra

A person who is sustaining a well-balanced root chakra should be exhibiting any of the signs: 

  • Showing confidence and not in a way that they have something to prove 
  • Feeling passionate about what the heart wants without being controlled by their emotions
  • Having an in-the-moment aura 
  • Having a positive and healthy outlook toward life
  • Maintaining a mindset that whatever happens to them in life, they will always be okay

Signs of a person with a blocked root chakra

On the other hand, a person with an imbalance in their Muladhara may experience the following events: 

  • Feeling paranoid that someone is out to get them
  • Being overly humble and apologetic 
  • Having feelings of unworthiness and hopelessness
  • Feeling drained and trapped in their situation
  • Being anxious and worrisome
  • Having low libido or displaying sexual dysfunctions
  • Having a considerable lack of trust and confidence 

How does a root chakra get blocked?

Having a blocked root chakra is something of a concern. It affects how you look at and live your life. It happens. However, it can be dealt with accordingly. But, before we go to the solution, let’s look at the problem first.

Here are three significant reasons why a person’s root chakra is blocked:

A series of traumatic events

For instance, when one person experiences a traumatic event in another, they believe that they do not have the power or control to control their life. Over time, their needs shape their core beliefs, which attract even more negative experiences (thanks to the law of attraction). One primary example of this is a person who has experienced bullying in childhood. 

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An isolated traumatic event

One traumatic event can be so scarring that it causes a blocked root chakra. It can be an incident wherein the person received no support or care from the people around them, thus igniting the belief that they could trust no one. It can also be when a close person did something they never thought could. Disappointment leads to mistrust. Not only that—the negative emotions brought about by the event can also manifest in other horrible ways.

Learned or adopted behaviour 

Negative emotions can stem from your environment. For instance, if you grew up in a household filled with pessimism, anger, and extreme pressure, you start to adopt those things in yourself. Growing up, a person may have thought it was the usual way to live life. 

Growing in a toxic household does affect not only the person itself but also the people around them. It can be something they can pass on to others, creating a cycle. 

What if I have an overactive root chakra? 

A blocked root chakra is one thing; an overactive one is another. That can also negatively affect a person’s life. People with overactive root chakras tend to be more irritable, defensive, and fidgety. Therefore, they are not calm nor at peace at all. For Instance, they can engage in activities like gossiping and lying. 

The source of an overactive usually comes in the form of abandonment. A person with an overactive root chakra can be abandoned by a parent in their childhood or left by a significant other. An overactive root chakra isn’t totally a bad thing but, it’s just a sign that you need to tone things down a little bit. 

Best Crystals for Root Chakra Healing

The healing of root chakra involves the use of stones or crystals. These elements heal you by maintaining balance in your energy flow. However, when the root chakras are blocked, certain aspects prevent them from spreading good energy through your body. Therefore, the best way to deal with it is to cleanse the negative energy using the root chakra crystals.

Fortunately, many root chakra crystals can provide you with the connection, safety, and cleansing rejuvenation that you need then. Increasing your root chakra is about stabilizing your physical and emotional security for you to work your way through more intense emotions.

Interestingly, the best crystals for root chakras share the same color as that of root chakra: earthy brown, deep red, and black-colored ones

Here are some of the appropriate crystals for root chakras:

  1. Red Jasper

The Red Jasper, also known as the “Nurturer’s Stone” and the “Supreme Nurturer,” may seem plain-looking but is more valuable than one would think. It’s not as bright or colorful as the other crystals, but it’s an excellent stone for grounding. 

The Red Jasper is an ideal stone to add to your root chakra healing kit because of the following reasons:

  • Firstly, it lowers significant levels of stress and anxiety 
  • Secondly, it helps build confidence, patience, understanding, endurance, and a sense of believing in yourself
  • Thirdly, it Helps deal with low libido
  • Fourthly, it improves circulation in the body
  • It helps people get through destructive habits such as eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, and more. 

2. Black Onyx

The darkness of the black onyx is the opposite of its effects—brightening your life by healing your root chakra because it helps promote better physical strength and mental stamina. It encourages the inner warrior inside of you to rise while keeping your feet firmly grounded. That inner warrior has the energy that you need to gain the sense of safety and strength to become whole again. 

The Black Onyx is one of the best crystals for chakras because its energy is balanced, protecting you from negative people and energy. 

When using the black onyx, you will be able to:

  • Overcome fears
  • Manage stress levels
  • Understand yourself better 
  • Feel more comfortable in your skin

3. Tiger’s Eye 

third eye yellow root chakra stones
root chakra crystals
crystals for root chakra
Crystals for Chakras
chakra bracelet meaning

People named the stone because of its powerful and protective elements. Beyond its striking gold, brown, black, and orange colors are its ability to make you feel full-bodied and blissful. In addition, it strengthens your root chakra by serving as a reminder that every person is the master of their destiny. 

Here are some of the positive effects of this rook chakra crystal:

  • Firstly, it enhances the natural body language
  • Secondly, it clears away the toxic energy
  • Lastly, it teaches you to communicate your wants and desires to the world

4. Bloodstone

bloodstone root chakra stones
root chakra crystals
crystals for root chakra
Crystals for Chakras
chakra bracelet meaning

The Bloodstone is often regarded as the “warrior stone,” mainly because it was the favorite of many samurais, warriors, and soldiers among the many crystals for chakras to carry in the war. It is quite a powerful stone that will make you feel strong, rejuvenated, and invincible. In addition, the Bloodstone is an emotional stabilizer that keeps you from being easily affected by flighty feelings. 

Here are the reasons why you should try to use Bloodstone in your root chakra healing journey:

  • Steadies the heart and mind
  • Relieves anxiety 
  • Serves as a protection from the evil forces

5. Garnet

garnet root chakra stones
root chakra crystals
crystals for root chakra
Crystals for Chakras
chakra bracelet meaning

This beautiful crystal is very rare and houses revitalizing and regenerative energy. This crystal also restores your lost energy and provides the support you need to improve your physical and emotional health – hence, considered a life-bringer. 

 In addition, it will give you a boost of energy filled with balance, protection, and creativity. 

To be more specific, here’s how Garnet will do wonders for your well-being: 

  • It offers a sense of confidence, hope, and courage
  • Transforms negative energy into a positive one
  • Encourages to let go of unhealthy habits and behaviors 
  • It gives a boost of charisma, sexuality, and inspiration

6. Black Obsidian 

black obsidian Root Chakra Stones

This stone is more than just looking like a sibling of the Black Onyx—it has raw energy and earthly spirit. The stone is dark and incredibly shiny, which people often perceive as an imitation of a mirror to show your true soul through the reflection. It helps you see through falsity and lies so that you can live a life filled with knowledge, wisdom, and authenticity. This stone is protective and makes you stronger to face life’s challenges. 

Here are more of its tremendous benefits: 

  • Dismisses past traumas
  • Protects you from subtle psychic attacks 
  • It leads you to higher living while still being grounded 

7. Carnelian

carnelia Root Chakra Stones

This stone is raging with its bright red color, ready to wake your root chakra and bring it to life in the best possible way. The Carnelian is a beautiful reminder of all the joys and happiness that life brings. It is a source of radiance, confidence, and courage. Whenever you feel down, upset, or hopeless, this crystal has the power to make you feel revived and alive once more. 

These are the things the Carnelian stone can do for you:

  • Provides you with the inspiration and passion you need to face life
  • Promotes endurance to ensure that you can follow through

8. Goldstone

goldstone root chakra stones
root chakra crystals
crystals for root chakra
Crystals for Chakras
chakra bracelet meaning

Out of the many crystals for the root chakra, this one is considered the “stone of ambition.” It is a significant key that helps people achieve their dreams by instilling the drive of always reaching for the light. This crystal is also essential for providing you with the physical energy you need to feel abundance in life. And, just like everything else, it helps you feel connected to the earth and have a sense of stability. 

Listed below are the other things Goldstone is good at:

  • Gets rid of negative emotions and stress
  • Releases tension
  • Provides spiritual protection 

Other ways to do root chakra healing  

The stones are the star of this article, but there are other ways to balance your root chakra. For example, making confident lifestyle choices can affect how you stabilize your root chakra. If you genuinely want to live a healthier and happier life, you must be willing to exert efforts to make changes. 

Check out the three unique ways you can take care of your root chakra:

Maintain a healthy and balanced diet

Going on a diet isn’t just about losing weight. Managing what you eat has a significant impact on your health and overall well-being—and this includes your root chakra balance. So you need to consume more of the things that will bring you the proper nutrition. 

To stimulate the root chakra, you must eat more root vegetables such as onions, carrots, garlic, radishes, etc. It’s also essential to eat more protein like eggs, beans, tofu, peanut butter, soy products, and lean meat. Including these in your daily meals can guarantee that you will experience a healthier and more positive life. 

Listen to sounds

Music is one of the best things to turn to for relaxation. So if you want to solve the blockage on your root chakra, it would be ideal to listen to sounds as sounds carry a frequency that influences the human body.

Try to place your ear on tones in 432 hertz to stimulate your root chakra and bring balance into your well-being. You can easily search on the internet for this kind of sound.


Be physically active

You have probably heard more than one person in your life tell you to exercise. Exercising is a significant component of a healthy lifestyle. It not only makes us look good, but it allows us to function better in our everyday tasks. The more you exercise, the stronger you become, and you can avoid illnesses and negative emotions. If you want to condition your heart and spirit, you must do the same thing for your body.

Yoga: the best exercise for root chakra healing 

The best physical activity for healing the root chakra would be meditative workouts like yoga. Yoga practice strengthens the mind, body, and spirit through deep stretches and breathing techniques. Many people experience life-changing effects because of yoga—they’ve become more robust, increasingly flexible, positive, and goal-oriented. Yoga has given them a better purpose by channeling their inner energy and turning it to their advantage. 

To think of it, the principle of yoga is nearly the same as that of balancing the root chakra. Yoga also helps us experience a better quality of life. We become more vibrant, determined while also being relaxed. If you want to practice yoga, you can visit the best yoga studio within the locality.

Are you ready to nourish your root chakra? 

There will be many challenges that will come your way. You cannot always stop them from happening. The best thing you can do is learn how to deal with them. The essence of being human is by observing your mistakes, learning from them, and transforming yourself. Having a balanced root chakra will help us through all of that.

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