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ways to release the doubt monster

Doubt is a little monster and one of the more challenging vibrations on the emotional scale, and one that can be referred to as a “happiness buzzkill.”

If you haven’t gathered yet, we love making spirituality and wellness fun and not so serious.

In order for us to live in the elevated vibrations of freedom and joy, we have to heal, release, and most importantly move through and balance these challenging vibrations.

It is hard to live in the vibration of happiness if you are feeling a lot of self-doubts. Doubt has you second-guessing everything you do. It takes you out of the energetic place to believe, trust and manifest your highest desires.

Doubt is an important emotion to release if elevated vibrations are something you want to experience.

Doubt also makes it nearly impossible to manifest an amazing life, beyond your wildest dreams. How could you really experience all of your dreams if you are doubting its possibility?

But doubt has its uses and is an important part of the process of creating the life we want full of happiness and elevated vibrations.

In order to understand this important, yet challenging vibration, let’s look at why we experience doubt and where it comes from…

In Kundalini Yoga, there are ten bodies identified. The second body, associated with the 2nd chakra, is the negative mind.

We all have three minds, the positive, negative, and the neutral mind. The negative mind’s purpose is to protect us. The challenge is that it’s incredibly reactionary. If it’s out of proportion and overactive with the other minds, you may experience doubt, fear and anxiety.

Like any unresolved emotional energy, it will eventually manifest in our physical bodies. This can show up through sexual dysfunction, kidney problems, urinary track infections, and menstrual problems are all issues that arise from this energy center being out of balance.

If it is undisciplined, a person would also be exposed to danger and make foolish decisions.

We can see why our fear mind needs to be healed and balanced before it can cause more harm.

We want all of our 10 bodies and chakras to be balanced, not overactive or under-active.

A balanced negative mind is what brings our creativity and ideas into action, it allows creativity to flourish. When it’s balanced it operates as it should, it protects us but does not keep us in a constant state of doubt and worry. This makes it a useful tool to help protect us and keep us aligned.

Here are a few ways to balance your negative mind, release doubt, and live in the elevated vibrations of joy and true happiness!

1. Create a healthy relationship with your negative mind

The negative mind wants to belong and be safe, so to work with it we need to appreciate it for what it does for us and create a loving relationship with this part our ourselves.

Shhh…don’t tell it we called it a “monster”.Repressing it will just make things worse and is not the way to balance this mind.

If you can be aware and listen to the negative mind, and listen to the input of the positive mind, and make choices from the neutral mind that can be accessed through meditation, that is the best way to live.

Having a relationship with all three minds will allow you to take inspired and wise actions that will support your highest path.

2. Mantras

Mantras are a powerful way to balance your energy because of the vibrational current they offer and how they penetrate the subconscious mind.

Mantras are a huge part of our Elevate the Globe lifestyle. “Ong Sohung is a powerful mantra that affirms that you are one with all that is.

The negative mind has a strong sense of longing to belong, and this mantra will help soothe it and give it a deeply connected relationship. It is a mantra of belonging” -Spirit Voyage.

This is a great one to play on low at night when you are sleeping or throughout your day, to tap into this oneness and release the doubt.

3. No doubt juice

Yogi Bhajan (the Kundalini Yoga Master) talked about herbal support and how certain foods affect our bodies and mind, and how they can be used as medicine to balance our 10 bodies.

He suggested drinking cucumber juice if you are experiencing doubt because it balances out the kidneys and bladder, stimulating the water element which relates and balances the 2nd body.

Just throw a few cucumbers in the juicer, add an apple and a lemon for some extra taste, or drink it alone, to help to release doubt and balance the negative mind.

4. Meditation

Meditation is very powerful to allow us to live in the elevated vibration emotions and to clear out our subconscious mind.

In Kundalini Yoga there are thousands of different yoga sets and meditations that focus on different parts of our body, mind, and energy. There is a specific meditation called The Meditation for the negative Mind that you can practice for 40 days to release doubt! The link to this meditation can be found below.

When we can get rid of what is blocking us and release doubt, we can manifest our highest path, our best life, and that is where we can live without the doubt baggage that is weighing us down and experience true happiness and joy.

Now we can call doubt, our little angel.

So much Love, Britt + Tara

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