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the sutras of holistic wealth | part one


the sutras of holistic wealth | part one

Living a prosperous life is a habit that must be cultivated from within.

We each have a choice whether to train ourselves to become abundant in every area of our lives, including our finances, or to settle for our current results. In order to assess the health of your relationship with your finances, there are some simple questions you can ask yourself that will reveal a lot about where you are now and where you have the potential to go if you commit to creating a new set of financial habits in your life.

Are you happy with how much is in your bank account today?

Are you satisfied with how many assets you have? Stocks? Bonds? Real estate?

And most importantly, how do you feel about your potential or worthiness to be prosperous?

Do you live with the faith that possibility coupled with your creativity will produce tangible financial results consistently? Or do you feel fear, lack, limitation and extreme challenge when it comes to your money?

Wealth can be an intimidating thing.

It can offer us tremendous opportunities and has the potential to open up a world of possibility. However, the more money you have, the more you will be held accountable for by society for who you are and what you stand for.

Viewing money and wealth from a holistic point of view, it”™s clear that the more you have, the more you have to give. The energy of growth and renewal is in the air, the opportunity to make profound changes to your relationship with money is ripe. Wholeheartedly practicing the following six super financial sutras will encourage you to evolve beyond your current prosperity consciousness, not just financially, but in all areas of your life.

The universe is constantly conspiring to give you your heart”™s desire. However, you can only realize your heart”™s desire if you are prepared to receive it.

Super Financial Sutra 1: Make Conscious Decisions About Your Financial Future High peak performers, those who have achieved the wealth and success they desire, consistently make conscious decisions about their ideal financial futures.

They are constantly breathing life into their futures by writing possible and probable scenarios for what they would like to see unfold in their lives. Each day becomes an opportunity to step closer to living their ideal future vision.

In the next year, what will your net worth be? How many properties will you own? What will your investment portfolio look like? What will your business look like? How much passive income will you have per month?

Seeking and providing yourself with the education necessary to answer these questions and then taking active steps every day to make those answers a reality would undoubtedly make your ideal future vision a reality.

Super Financial Sutra 2: Take Financial Action Steps Each Day The five percent of people who achieve 95 percent or more of the results they seek with regard to their wealth and success have trained themselves to make attracting abundance into their lives a priority. For most individuals, money brings up fear and a host of other negative emotions. Intimidated by these uncomfortable emotions, most people take no action with their money and see no changes in their results. In order to improve your financial results, you will need to make managing, investing, saving, and increasing your income a daily focus for at least three percent of each day. The language, awareness and habits of wealth building will become a part of who you are and what you attract into your world each day.

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Super Financial Sutra 3: Educate Yourself, and Then Educate Yourself Some More Enlightened financial folks are always working with teachers, coaches, experts and guides to upgrade their wealth and success toolkit. They implicitly understand that the more positive, informed people they have in their lives to influence them, the more they will be able to travel the road to their ideal future vision with grace, ease, support and speed.

If you”™re not satisfied with your financial results today, then ask yourself how often you”™ve sought out financial experts to work with and provide you with the information you need to alter those results. It”™s important to ask yourself how much you have actually ever spent on financial education in terms of time, energy and money. High peak performers budget for their financial education and do not scrimp on this expense. They know that it is one of their most important investments if they are truly committed to achieving their ideal financial future vision.

Investing in your financial future sends the message to the universe that you don”™t make wishes about your financial future, but you are in fact committed to taking action. You have set a priority.

Adding financial education to your financial budget is the first step to achieving your ideal future vision.

Vanessa Summers teaches a holistic approach to money in her Wealth & Success workshops. She is a registered investment advisor, who is author of Get In The Game ”“ The Girl”™s Guide to Money & Investing and Buying Solo ”“ The Single Woman”™s Guide to Buying Her Own Home.

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