raw vegan flax seed cracker bruschetta’s

Place in a blender 2 bunches of basil.

1 cup pine nuts.

1 garlic glove.

2 tbsp nutritional yeast.

1 tsp salt.

1 tbsp lemon juice.

1/2 a cup water.

Pulse until smooth consistency. Thinly slice 4 tomatoes, finely slice 1/2 onion into crescent shapes.

Thinly slice the black olives into circles.

To assemble place 12 flaxseed crackers on a platter. Spread over some pesto to cover the cracker.

Place 4 pieces of sliced onion on top of the pesto. Place 8 black olive slices on top of the onion.

Top with 4 or 5 arugula leaves. Place 2 slice of tomato on top of the arugula. Sprinkle some ripped basil leaves on top.

Sprinkle with a little pinch of salt. Sprinkle with a couple of drops of olive oil. Serve.

Recipe by ifeelgood.com.au

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