raw cauliflower tabbouleh

from los angeles’ macrobiotic M cafe

M Café is about contemporary macrobiotic cuisine ”” It’s about balanced and creative cooking for people who love to eat well. The work of Michio Kushi is our great inspiration and we use only the finest ingredients staying away from any refined products, red meat, poultry eggs or dairy. 

Here is for you one of our fresh and simple to make vegan salad.

”¢ Chop cauliflower roughly. 
Ӣ Place in food processor and mince to a fine texture.
”¢ Place finely minced cauliflower in a clean dry tea towel. 
”¢ Twist and squeeze towel firmly to extract excess moisture from cauliflower. 
”¢ Transfer squeezed cauliflower to a mixing bowl and combine with remaining ingredients. 

Serve immediately or chill. Enjoy!

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