is happiness the new it product

By: Britt Deanda + Tara Schulenberg
Edited date: November 6, 2022Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

how to align with the vibration of happiness daily

If it’s not, we definitely think it should be!

Unconditional and true inner happiness is quickly becoming the sought-after “thing” on the planet. Like the latest and greatest beauty product, fashion trend, or technology fad…people are starting to realize that inner happiness is actually the key to transforming consciousness and raising the vibration of the globe.

While “happiness” might seem like a self-help fad, it’s actually one that we’d all welcome for the long-term and invite to stay in our lives forever. The Kundalini Master Yogi Bhajan said, “Happiness is your birthright”- and it is.

It’s the ultimate goal to live our lives with the most joyful attitude every single day. And when more people are feeling good and doing the inner spiritual work to live in the vibration of happiness; it feels good. In turn, we care lovingly for the environment, animals, and other people and it inspires others to do the same.

On the flip side, people who are unhappy or conditionally happy from outside sources, are more likely to be acting from their ego. Often at the expense of nature and other living beings and humans. We can see happening with global warming, wars, and hatred in the world.

So now you may be thinking, “That’s all true, and I want to be part of helping the planet by being happy…but how do I ride this happiness train every day when life throws me curve balls and rains on my parade?”

That thought is totally understandable, and we are here to help!

Here are a few tips to riding high vibrations of happiness and joy on the reg and do your part to elevate the vibrations of the globe.

Focusing on raising your own vibration daily is key and needs to comes first.

Happiness and joy are extremely high vibrational frequency emotions and states of being – and they are always within us! When we naturally raise the vibration of our being-we can naturally align with the high vibrations of happiness and joy.

How can we do this?

1. Create a daily morning practice

Connect with yourself on a deep level every day, preferably in the morning as it sets up the flow for the rest of your day. This will look different for every person. Try something that slows you down and brings you joy.

We practice, share, and teach Kundalini Yoga + Meditation that uses movement, mantra and breath work to quickly raise our beings vibration.

We’ve found this is the most effective and efficient way to keep us in a high vibrational state each and every day.

2. Gratitude

It may sound cliche but gratitude will raise the vibration of your thoughts instantly. Seriously, in an instant!

It works in every situation and it’s even more powerful to set up your day with thoughts of gratitude. As simple as waking up in the morning and being thankful for your breath, and your life.

It’s a simple mindset technique that will shift your perception of the world around you and will put you into a high vibrational state of being. That higher inner vibrational state is where the happiness and joy lives.

Next time something is raining on your happiness parade, go back to gratitude for anything and everything in your life. You will be sure to feel good quickly!

3. Focus on feeling good

Our emotions are measurements of the frequency that we’re vibrating. When we’re feeling good, we’re vibrating higher and able to align with the higher vibrations of happiness and joy.

When we’re feeling negative, overwhelmed, angry, jealous, etc- it’s a clear message that we’re out of alignment with our soul and vibrating with the lower emotions. Remember not to reject these emotions though, let them flow if they need to, and then move back into your happy place.

We like to always focus on the thoughts and the things that make us feel good because then we’re guaranteed to be in alignment with our authentic, highest self which is our natural happy place.

4. Pivot your thoughts

When you’re experiencing a negative thought about someone, something or a situation – the choice to focus on the negative or positive is always available to you.

An easy way to shift your negative thoughts is to pause and say to yourself, “Okay that’s definitely what I don’t want. Now, what is it that I do want.”

Pivot your thoughts to focus on what you do want and what feels good to you. This will keep in alignment and on the happy train.

5. Bounce back

When you are in a difficult time or have experienced something traumatic, allow yourself to heal and feel what has happened. When you have released, then work to improve your state of mind and current situation.

All of us have challenges and hardships – and it’s about allowing them to be lessons that help us evolve and make us stronger, wiser, more connected. We then become more appreciative of our experiences.

If we can become more resilient, we will be able to bounce back from difficulties quicker. We then become the bright lights we are called to be for the world, no matter what happens to us.

Life is always going to throw you curveballs, but we don’t need to them slow us down. These are some of our favorite ways to keep yourself sipping on the happy juice that keeps you bright, radiant and leaving a little sparkle wherever you go.

It’s your birthright, it’s free, it’s available to you every day – the world could use you!

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