the real purpose of yoga


Purpose of yoga

{Model: Judith Secanel}

When I first started “practicing” yoga, it was really just a substitute of “physical activity”. It was just like going to the studio for a workout.

When my teacher asked, how was it going? I would say – “yeah, I am breathing better.” Never ever it occured to me if I was really feeling better on the spiritual level. It was just the superficial good feeling.

But one day, things started to change. My mind started to open a little bit. When I wished somebody “namaste”, I felt it making me feel more in harmony. My listening improved, my focus improved and i could feel better balance in my asanas, in my walk and so much more. It was just then I started to see and feel yoga from a spiritual angle.

I realized that the real purpose of yoga was not just for physical fitness but for spiritual fitness as well. It is the spiritual poverty of the modern world that now, yoga is viewed primarily in the light of phsyical development.

And that’s when I started to become more interested in yoga literature and yoga books. I was elated and almost kicking myself for realizing its power so late. The mental high I got from Yoga was far exceeded the physical benefits I could observe in my body.

It was the traditional yoga that was more focused on the spiritual realization, self awareness and higher consiciousness of the individual. But now, there is more emphasis on asana i.e. on the exercise component of yoga.

Yoga is a science and art that goes beyond the physical component. It is the practice of compassion, balance and inner relaxation. Yoga practice for me has radically transformed the kind of person I was to the person I am now.

So if you’re a beginner yogi, my advice would be to just keep going, be disciplined and practice compassion with yoga. So ask questions and learn the yoga that makes you wiser.

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